Matching furniture and wall color

August 29, 2016

bold kitchen color. matching cabinets and wall color

Teal kitchen ith teal wall, round table and Ton chairs
Bold kitchen colour choice and good idea to blend kitchen cabinets into the wall by using the same colour on furniture and on the wall.


// photo from Eklund Stockholm //

My new camera

August 18, 2016

My new mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-T10

My new camera Fujifilm X-T10

Workspace details


I have received questions about what gear I use to shoot my photos for blog and Instagram and since I have had a new work companion for already a month now I thought it would be nice to introduce it properly and answer your questions about my equipment too. Before I proceed I’d like to highlight that this post isn’t sponsored in any way.

So, my new camera is Fujifilm X-T10. I had thought about updating my camera for a while (I used Canon 40D previously which had served me many years), but couldn’t decide whether to try mirrorless camera or continue with DSLR. I received this camera as a surprise birthday gift, so I didn’t have to go through that long and hard decision process I usually have when buying new things. I won’t write a long review about this camera here as you can read those from special photography sites (those that I read were singing praises to X-T10!). All I say is that my DSLR gear is now put on sale and I have bought two good lenses (Fujinon XF 14mm f2.8 and XF 35mm f2) in addition to kit lenses that came together with the camera body, so I definitely will continue with it as my main camera. It looks beautiful and is extremely lightweight, even with lens attached. Third photo is the best one to show how little this camera actually is. When I have it side by side with my Canon camera it looks like a toy. I’m in love.


Eclectic Scandinavian home of Daniella Witte

August 11, 2016

light grey wall, dark sideboard, herringbone floor and leather butterfly chair. Daniella Witte's living room

Cozy Scandinavian living room, grey-beige walls. Home of Daniella Witte

Dining with a view to nature

Daniella Wittte's kitchenOpen kitchen shelves

Daniella Witte's home

Daniella Witte's bedroom in shades of grey.

Outdoor space, patio inspiration

Outdoor space with a pool

When Daniella Witte shared on her Instagram that her home is in the current issue of Swedish Elle Decoration I wanted to see it immediately. Unfortunately I didn’t have an access to the magazine so I had to wait until it was posted on their website and today was the day!

Daniella Witte lives in a renovated old horse farm near Malmö with her family. Their home is in constant change – I posted about her home over two years ago here and compared to that time the whole interior has got more darker look (which is so on trend in Scandinavian home decor right now). Beautifully balanced mix between old and new, designer pieces and vintage finds. Love it.


// photos from Elle Decoration, photography by Daniella Witte //



Sending beautiful flowers

August 1, 2016

flower bouquet

flower bouquet and coffee

flowers, coffee time
I had a birthday last week and I thought I’d share some photos of that day also with you. Whenever I have some beautiful fresh flowers at home I feel like I just have to photograph them.

I was fortunate to receive a beautiful bouquet for my birthday via Floraqueen who specialises in delivering fresh flowers worldwide. I think that possibility to send flowers to someone special wherever she lives is such a great idea and beautiful surprise for different occasions. Flowers are arranged by local florists and sent to the one you’d like to surprise on a selected date.

My bouquet was made of white roses and lilies and besides smelling divine it really made my dining table look more special than usual. Everyday, I like to bring flowers from fields or from my own garden, so this nicely arranged bouquet reminded me that it was a little more special day whenever I looked at it :)


// posted in collaboration with Floraqueen.


Introducing Encyclopaedia Urbana + special reader offer

July 26, 2016

Monochrome and cozy nordic living room. Encyclopaedia Urbana posters. Styling and photography by Anu Tammiste for Decordots

Encyclopaedia Urbana city map prints. Styling and photography by Anu Tammiste for Decordots

Scandinavian living room, city map posters from Encyclopaedia Urbana. Styling and photography Anu Tammiste for Decordots

Monochrome Scandinavian style living room, green plant, Encyclopaedia Urbana posters. Styling and photography Anu Tammiste for Decordots
City map prints are currently really trendy and I’ve updated the wall behind the sofa with two elegant map posters from Encyclopaedia Urbana.

Encyclopaedia Urbana is a collection of over 200 stunning city articles in print format. Every print features a beautiful map along with interesting information about the city and at the bottom of every print there’s also a seal, which makes the print unique. The prints are made of high-quality, durable paper and are shipped worldwide without any additional shipping costs.

This is the perfect gift for someone who’s especially fond of some of the cities in the collection (or some other city, they do take custom requests), or for yourself if you want to make your home or office a little bit more stylish and interesting.
I’m happy to say that Encyclopaedia Urbana has a special offer for Decordots readers – you’ll currently get 20% off the price when using the coupon code DECORDOTS at check out. 

// posted in collaboration with Encyclopaedia Urbana

All grey bathroom inspiration

July 20, 2016

Kristofer Johnsson and Lotta Agaton. All grey bathroom inspiration

Kristofer Johnsson and Lotta Agaton. Grey on grey bathroom inspiration.
Grey is definitely trending right now. Bathroom styling by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson for Swoon.



Contemporary kitchen with open shelving

July 13, 2016

Scott and Scott Architects: North Vancouver House

contemporary kitchen with open storage and massive marble countertop

modern and relaxed kitchen, wood, open shelves

Scott and Scott Architects: North Vancouver House

open shelving, ceramics


Continuing with summer mood. This relaxed contemporary kitchen from a wooded surrounds at the base of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver with lots of open storage space fits perfectly into a modern summer home. Transformed from a 1950s building into a modern living space by Scott & Scott architects this is a beautiful mix of simple and honest materials like wood and marble with natural and light colour palette.


// photos via Dpages, found via The Design Chaser //

Summer mood and a perfect minimalist summer home

July 4, 2016

summer feeling

open space kitchen and living. textured beige walls

white modern kitchen, textured warm toned walls

kitchen with neutral hues and contrasting black and white

bedroom with open window and summer breeze

minimalist bedroom with romantic touch. linen, lace

hallway. glossy concrete floor, raw wooden wall

outdoor space


It has been quite quiet here lately… It was not intended, but summer is what happened and lots of stuff going on.

This beautiful summer home from Fantastic Frank what feels minimalist and warm at the same time has been doing rounds in blogs for some time now, but as it fits so perfectly into my summer mood right now I can’t help to share it too. I’m almost feeling the summer breeze on my cheek when looking the photo of the bedroom and smell the pines trees on a sunny day on the first photo of the post. Perfect summer mood if you ask me.


My living room + H&M Home

June 7, 2016

Scandinavian living room. White and grey with a touch of wood and greenery

Scandinavian living room. H&M Home new collection favorites

From my living room. Favorites from H&M Home new collection


I had the chance to style some of my favourite items from H&M Home new collection and this is the result. The new autumn collection has calm and contemporary feel and with natural materials and beautiful washed-out colours it fits perfectly into my home.

And the great news is that finally we have H&M Home also in my home town Tartu! :)

Mõnda aega tagasi sain võimaluse stiliseerida ja pildistada mõned ilusad tooted H&M Home uuest kollektsioonist. Selle aasta suvelõpu-sügise kollektsioonist leiab mitmeid ehedatest looduslikest materjalidest esemeid, mis oma vormilt ja värvilt sobivad ideaalselt kaasaegsesse põhjamaisesse kodusse. Minu lemmik on see metallist vaas, mis näeb välja nagu oleks see tehtud betoonist või kivist ning koos luitunud puidust kandiku ja karbiga lisavad monokroomsesse sisustusse vaheldust ja tekstuuri. 

Hea uudis on see, et H&M Home on nüüd ka mu kodulinnas Tartus täitsa olemas, uues Kvartali keskuses :)


// Posted in collaboration with H&M Home

Mix of old and new in a charming Scandinavian home

June 6, 2016

Cosy and relaxed Scandinavian living room with mix of textures and natural materials

Mix of old and new in a Scandinavian home

Still life, styling Lotta Agaton, photo Kristofer Johnsson

kitchen with big old wooden table and raw wooden stools

Simple entry with long wooden bench

View to bedroom, earthy muted green wall

Cozy Scandinavian bedroom, linen bedding and linen curtains

workspace still life. IKEA Ilse Crawford desk

Bedside styling

bathroom with black textured floor tiles, old vintage cabinet, big green plant

bathroom with black textured tiles. raw wooden stool.


This charming home with stylish mix of old and new belongs to the founders of Artilleriet interiors store. Elegant, relaxed and cosy with well curated collection of vintage and designer items this home feels so unique and welcoming. Inspiring.


//styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson for Residence magazine //

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