String shelving system

February 7, 2014

White String shelving system String system with folding table. String system sliding doors cabinets String storage system, white and light wood String storage system in living room String shelving system in dining room White String system. From Home by Linn blog. White String shelving system. From It's a House blog. White String System. From Weekday Carnival

The String system was designed back in 1949 by Nils Strinning and it’s one of the most loved pieces of classic Scandinavian design. It has minimalistic timeless feel and slim side panels make it look really airy and light. String shelving system offers variety of combinations and all its elements can be easily repositioned to match your needs. In addition to shelves, there are cabinets with sliding doors, cabinets with drawers, a desk, magazine rack, a folding table and new bowl shelves. All this makes it really flexible storage system.

I think that I don’t even need to say that I really really like that shelving system and would be happy to own it one day! Actually there is a spot for a shelf in our living room after we had to move our big Yucca plant into another room (because our little boy thought that soil is his best toy ever!), but I’m afraid it’s currently a bit out of my reach budget-wise. But for those of you thinking about getting one, Finnish Design Shop is currently offering 15% off on all white String system shelves. Quite tempting, isn’t it? :)

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