GIVEAWAY | Mathilda Clahr Strap hangers + Le Sac en Papier

July 25, 2014

As I said on Monday, this is my birthday week and I promised you a surprise, so this is it!  One lucky person has a chance to win a set of two gorgeous Strap leather hangers designed by Mathilda Clahr (black and natural coloured) and Le Sac en Papier paper bag from my lovely blog friend Norsu. Scroll down to the end of the post to find out how you can enter!


Win two Strap leather hangers and Le Sac en Papier paper bag!


When we were planning this giveaway it came out that Nat’s (one of the lovely ladies behind Norsu) little daughter will turn 3 on exactly the same day as I will turn 30! So this is a really special giveaway, celebrating two birthdays, nice coincidences and friendships found via blogging! Nat from Norsu took it all together very beautifully:

Never did we realise we’d have so much in common when we first met Anu. We had spent endless hours trawling through the blog, excited and giddy as each article was posted. We’d decided it was “the source” for everything Scandi. It was our go-to place for new and emerging designers, must-have products to bring to Australia, and most importantly, the place where we would go to escape everyday life to enter the world of beautiful and inspiring interiors. There was no way we could keep this gem to ourselves and we decided to share it with our loyal followers, and of course there was no better place than Instagram to do it. We posted one of our favourite photos from Decordots and that was the day we met our now lovely friend Anu. Since then we’ve exchanged emails, shared our favourite products, gushed over styled photography… and supported each other just like friends do. Not only does Anu share our obsession for Scandinavian design, she shares her birthday with my daughter Annabel. As Anu turns 30, my little lady turns 3. So today, we know there’s reason to celebrate. Not only to Anu and Annabel on their special days, but to everyone who makes new friends for life through a shared passion… just like us.


Mathilda Clahr Strap leather hangers

Strap hangers by Mathilda Clahr


To enter the giveaway, the only thing you have to do is leave a comment to this post. (Make sure you enter your e-mail or url to comment form so it would be possible to contact you!) The giveaway is open worldwide and will be closed on Sunday, 3rd August midnight (GMT+2). The winner will be announced on 4th August here on the blog.

But this isn’t all! There is also a competition held on my Instagram account! We will give away one set of gifts here on the blog and one in Instagram, so make sure to also pop over there to double your chance to win! Good luck! xx


This giveaway is now closed and winners have been drawn. The winner among blog entries is Johanne Dueholm and the one from Instagram is @cassjherrick . Congratulations! 

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  • Peter

    Happy birthday/Gefeliciteerd as they say here in NL

  • Catherine Lazure

    I’d love to win! Nice giveaway :)
    Happy birthday to you and to Annabel! All my best wishes.
    And greetings to the Norsu team!

  • Johanne Dueholm

    This is just the sweetest story and the best give away ever! Congratulations to you, Anu, on your big 3 0 tomorrow, and to your little birthday girl, Nat :-) Definitely a cause for great celebrations! Also, thank you for the greatest blog, Anu, it is such an inspiration for a Danish girl like me – which obviously reflects that you have captured the Scandi style to perfection ;-)

    Happy weekend, and kind regards,
    Johanne / @huntingdoves

  • Sólveig Geirsdóttir

    Yes please :)

  • Liz Adams

    I would love to win! I’m renovating my house at the moment, so some scandi-inspired decor is just what I need! x

  • Lois

    Happy Birthday Anu and to Nat’s little girl! :)
    Hope you both have a wonderful day! X

    P.S It just so happens to be my birthday week as well!

  • bianca

    I fully agree with the words of your friend. Your blog is really a source of inspiration, with interesting and enriching content. I contain me on Facebook, I always enter the Likes!

    Good continuity! and 30s it is wonderful!

    Happy birthday in advance!

  • Julie Ørsted Larsen

    Happy birthday to you :) best wishes from me

    I am just moving to my first apartment so it would be wonderfull to be the lucky one

  • sam

    lovely! happy birthday, mine was last week.

  • Stacey Sheppard

    Happy Birthday all round!! I love reading stories about how great friendships are made through shared passions, especially blogging!! Great giveaway too!!

  • Michelle

    Happy birthday!
    Love the picture with the Pia Wallen blanket

  • Michelle

    Gorgeous blog

  • Leonie Jordan

    Absolutely love these. These would look amazing above my daughters desk in her room She loves drawing and reorganising her room over and over again. Happy birthday and I look forward to my weekly inspiration. Thank you

  • Hanna Hancock

    Many happy returns to you for your birthday! I have just recently started following your blog and I am really enjoying it. I would love to win this giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Anne

    Happy birthday to both of you! :D

  • Katerina Markidou

    Xronia polla=happy bday in Greek! Ideal gift since I’m moving in into my own apartment at the end of the month..fully inspired by scandi design ♥️

  • Katerina

    Oh definitelly entering both!! I just came back from a long weekend and this is such a great surprise!!! I love both items so so much and haven’t had a chance to get them yet :)

    Happy birthday to both of you sweetheart! ♥



  • Craig

    Well both these items would be my birthday wish, and i hope you get yours too. Happy Birthday to you both!

  • Kat

    Happy birthday girls!! Xx

  • Alessandra Cardi

    What a fabulous blog. I’ve only recently discovered you and I’m absolutely hooked. I love the fresh, clean lines in your decor. Keep it up…..I look forward to many more gorgeous blogs and Instagram photos to inspire me!

  • Sarah Lamb

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday!!

  • Ellen

    What a wonderful competition! My fingers and toes are crossed :)

  • Erica S

    Happy Birthday :) It’s a special birthday week here too! My youngest daughter turns fabulous four . A Queen Elsa cake is requested of course!
    Hope you both have fabulous days!

  • Lana

    I am so glad that I have stumbled upon your blog! It is so inspiring an gorgeous! I just want to gobble every photo up and transport the scene to my home! Thanks so much for your giveaway. I have my fingers and toes crossed!! Happy trestle wishes xo

  • karen

    Hello, and thank you for the continued inspiration!

  • Elise

    Happy Birthday!

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed for these beauties! I have the perfect spots for them in my bedroom/study and would give them a loving home :)

  • Michelle

    hope you had a great Birthday…these straps would be ideal for a renters home, thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  • Monika

    Hello Anu! First of all Happy Birthday to you and Annabel, I wish you both every day filled with love and laughter :) xxx.
    And thank you very much for a chance and this giveaway, I wish good luck to all participants :).
    Have a lovely day :)

  • Erica

    Great contest! These would look beautiful in my office :)
    Have a lovely Birthday!

  • Aline

    Happy Birthday!

    I’m hitting 30 too and one of my goals for the date was to have a nicely decorated home (almost there). Thank you for helping me achieving it with inspiration (and, with a little bit of luck, with these beautiful accessories)! The other goals are to lose weight (almost there), teach as a volunteer (done) and get a puppy (done).

  • Lidija

    Happy birthday Annabel and Anu! :)

  • Anneke

    Happy Birthday dear Anu!
    How I live your blog and this beautiful Give Away. How I would like to win this design goodies. I think the natural straps are my favorite.
    Fingers crossed….

  • Jenna O

    I absolutely love those hangers!

  • Stephanie Totman

    These would beautiful in my bedroom! Love me scandi style ❤️

  • Laura Ford

    I just returned from a week in Stockholm and am now completely obsessed with Scandinavian design. Love your blog!

  • Katie

    So glad that I stumbled across your gorgeous blog tonight! Beautiful, and informative.

    Happy belated birthday!

  • patti pennisi

    i’ve only been a subscriber to your blog for a few months but i truly enjoy the wonderful mix of scandi designs that you bring to me each week! keep it coming (and happy birthday!)

  • Marika S.

    Beautiful blog. I enjoy reading it and decorating my home using the ideas.

  • Elin

    Happy birthday! I love the Mathilda Clahr strap hangers.

  • Veronika Bedrníčková

    Dear Anu,
    I love your blog and often come for inspiration! What a great giveaway, I’d love to be the lucky one.
    Have a lovely summer…

  • Maruska

    Hi there,

    What a great story behind your great giveaway! So nice to hear how you both got to meet eachother and what a coincidence that you share birthdays as well! Offcourse I’d love to win the super cool paperbag and clear straps and I wish you both good luck with choosing the winner which in my opinion will be a tough job to do..;-)

  • mel

    I hope that you had a wonderful birthday Anu! Of course I’d just love to be a winner here xx

  • Nat Curtis

    Happy birthday! I love your blog – it has given me so many ideas!

  • amelia critchlow

    Gorgeous blog. Just discovered today :)

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    Would love to win – just moved into a new place HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  • PAT

    this would be lovely in my home

  • marian boll

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter’s new home.

  • Margaret Dunsdon

    I LOVE these items–the straps are so chic, and the bag quite wonderful too.

  • Judy Thomas
    I love the leather strap hangers! What an awesome idea :)

  • Anita B

    Gorgeous birthday idea…giving gifts to others! Hope you had a wonderful birthday…Each one of these products and businesses are sublime xo

  • Rob

    great storage for my morning papers

  • Terri

    I had a birthday this week also, on the 29th. Big Happy Birthday to another summer baby!

  • Lesley

    Happy birthday!! Love love love your blog – so inspiring! :)

  • louise

    Bonjour et bonne fête, j’ espère que tu a passé une bonne journée entourée des gens que tu aimes.

  • Ingrid

    In it to win it! So happy to stumbled upon your blog and IG (in time) to celebrate your birthday with you (cheers!). Winning these great gifts would be a great way to get to know you and Norsu better! :)

  • Chris from Pure by me

    Congrats with you birthday..
    I’ve love your blog and I really like youre give-away so count me in ;)

  • Wanda Tracey

    Happy Birthday and I hope you get everthing you ever wished for!!Thanks for this sweet giveaway that I wish I could win because I think it’s so lovely and beautiful.I enjoy your blog!!

  • Sandra Tuplin

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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