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August 11, 2014

dining room, grey Hay About A Chairs. styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

Berlin print, Hay About A Chair. styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

Bedroom. Grey Mikmax sheets, Mathilda Clahr leather strap hangers.

Workspace with a vintage desk

String shelf styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

workspace styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

white Nordic kitchen styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

beautiful black and white bedroom styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

kitchen styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

Bedroom styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

apartment styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design


Happy new week to all of you!

Today I’m so happy to show you some beautiful examples of styling from Sarah Van Peteghem‘s portfolio and also an interview with her! Sarah is a Belgian designer, interior blogger and shop owner living in Berlin. Some time ago she started a collaboration with the real estate agency Fantastik Frank and now I’m so excited every time a new project styled by her is going online. Sarah has also a beautiful blog Coco Lapine Design full of eye candy for Scandinavian style lovers. I’m so happy that Sarah agreed to answer some questions about her work as an interior stylist.

How did it all started? What are the most important milestones in your career?
I did my first project for Fantastic Frank in March and I liked it so much that I just knew this was something I had to explore more. So far I’ve been doing five projects for them, which were each very different from each other. I hope I can do more and more projects in the future for different brands as this is something I’m truly passionate about.

How would you describe your style?
I would say Nordic with a twist. There is a clear minimal and nordic influence in my work, but don’t like to think I’m restricted to that. I try to get inspiration from different angles and I hope this also shows in my work. I can see a clear style in my past work, however I think I’m still exploring and creating my own style. It’s very exciting process.

What inspires you? Where do you go online for inspiration?
I browse a lot of blogs and Pinterest and try not to get lost in it all. I recently started to force myself to think about the pictures I find inspiring (not just pin them for later, like I usually do) and ask myself the question why this picture is interesting: is it the angle, are there certain color combinations that are intriguing or is there a certain product that I just really like? By answering these questions I’m usually inspired and then try to incorporate my findings in my own work as well.

What are currently your favorite products to use for your styling work?
I try to always find new things. In my last styling I used Uashmama paper bags, which were great to give a new look to my plant pots and I decorated the bed with Mikmax textiles. Both of these products ended up looking very nice in the pictures because of their different tints and textures. I also like to use vintage finds, which always make a home look very characteristic and unique.

If there was one piece of advice you would give to aspiring interior stylist, what would it be?
Start styling in your own home and take your own pictures. The second one is probably the most important one as you start looking at products, materials, light and textures with a different point of view (you don’t have to be a good photographer or have a fancy camera, your phone will do in the beginning). This is something that is really helpful when doing styling work. For me, my Instagram is the perfect playground for styling exercises.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your thouhts and let’s hope we see many inspiring projects from you also in the future!


// photos from Coco Lapine Design //

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  • Maarja

    Põnev lugemine ja netid pildid! Keep up good work, Anu! :)

    Ja kas ma palun-palun-palun saaksin selle kirjutuslaua endale! Kui ma näeksin kirjutuslaudadest und, siis näeksingi just sellist lauda igal öösek unes. Retro, laia tööpinnaga ja paraja hulga sahtlitega… Jumalik!Nii et kui Sarah sellest lauast ära peaks tüdinema, siis Sa võid talle vabalt minu kontaktid anda! ;D

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