Monochrome Scandinavian style kids room

July 3, 2015

In the baby news post earlier this week I promised to show you our nursery and here it is. Actually it is the room of our 2 year old son Tobias (baby Oskar is currently sharing a bedroom with us) and I don’t know if it’s right to call it a nursery – it’s something in between a nursery and a big boy’s room. It’s still work in progress, for example we are looking for a bigger bed right now and a reading corner is still waiting decorating. But this is how it looks right now. (Ok, I have to admit, it’s not looking quite the same at the moment, I did some styling before taking photos and with a two year old playing and using his room it won’t look that way for long…)
Scandinavian style monochrome nursery for a baby boy

Monochrome nursery details, bedding from Frankie and Frenchie


For these photos I styled the room to look more monochrome than it actually is as I love monochrome Scandinavian style kids rooms, but I know that in reality it’s quite hard to keep it that way. To be honest, I don’t think a kids room should be that monochrome and organised at all – some mismatching colours and details are actually quite cute if they represent that little human who lives there with all of his interests and preferences and toys :)

However, I like to keep the background simple and light so that the overall look of the room won’t be too busy for the eye. That’s why I have chosen black and white textiles for the room. This cute and fun bedding is a Zero to Hero duvet set from Frankie and Frenchie (who I introduced you here). I love it and so does Tobias! It’s really soft material, it has quirky design and as a bonus it’s made from organic cotton!
Black and white kids room details

Scandinavian style monochrome kids room details
Another detail that Tobias love’s in his room is a Miniwilla Mr. Agent poster from The Poster Club. I chose it mainly because I liked it, but as soon as it arrived and we had it unpacked his face turned into a big smile :)

There are also some of my own designs – for example the little house pillow and the “T” cushion. I had so much fun sewing those, if only I had more time for making things for kids with my own hands… !


Scandinavian style kids room details._

Modern black and white nursery textiles. Zero to hero bedding and DIY cushions
So this was a little nursery/kids room tour, I hope you liked it. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about monochrome kids rooms versus colourful ones – it has been an inner battle for me for long time as I’m a huge fan of simple interiors decorated in monochrome or using subtle muted hues, but I’m not sure my kids won’t prefer more colourful room. And after all it’s their room and they have to like it :)


// photos and styling by me //

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  • Katre

    Oo, see tuba on tublisti muutunud võrreldes viimase korraga, kui seda nägin!:) Väga ilus oma lihtsuses!

    Mulle meeldivad ka need prillidega koerad ja vuntsidega jänes- lastetuppa igati sobilikud kiiksuga tegelased:)

    Veel tahan eraldi kiita seda pilkupüüdvat geomeetrilist kooslust, mille oled moodustanud IKEA fotoriiulist (mis on ju sisuliselt sirglõik) täppidest ja kolmnurkadest.

    Ma arvan, et poistele sobib selline mustvalge lakooniline keskkond hästi ja nemad selle vastu protestima ei hakka. Poisid on ju reeglina õrnema sooga võrreldes leplikud ka oma riietuse suhtes. Tüdrukute puhul ei saaks teatud eani aga tõenäoliselt roosamannata läbi:D

    P.S. Märkasin, et Tobiasel on IKEA rongirööpad, kas ta on suur rongisõidufänn?

    • Anu

      Aitäh, Katre, nii positiivse vastukaja eest! :) Tõsi see on jah, et poistele ilmselt on kergem must valget tuba “müüa” kui tüdrukutele ja hetkel muidugi ei ole üldse veel võimalik väga Tobiase arvamust toa kohta teada saada. Samas nagu juba kirjutasin, siis see kutsadega tekikott talle küll meeldib – näitab seal et sellel kutsal on prillid ja sellel ei ole jne :)

      Rongimängu koha pealt nii palju, et siiani meeldib talle rohkem neid rööpaid omavahel kokku panna, väga rongiga sõitmist ei ole nendel veel mänginud iseseisvalt. Peaksimegi kunagi kuhugi rongiga sõitma minema – siis oleks mida pärast mängida!

  • Gemma Louise

    What an absolutely gorgeous room! xo

  • Park Rufina

    I love your styling! Do you buy all these products on your own or get sponsorship?

    • Anu

      thank you, happy you like!
      most of the things I buy myself or they are DIY (like the garland, wall stickers, soft pillows/toys), but I do get occasionally some things from sponsors too.

  • Hope

    Where can I find these crib sheets, pillows, and blankets???

    • Anu

      The bedding set is from Frankie and Frenchie, design is Zero To Hero. Striped cloud pillow is from one local brand, “T” and the little house cushion are my own designs :)

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