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I’m Anu Reinson (former Tammiste), interior stylist and designer based in Estonia and this is my place for sharing my work and things that inspire me. I’m passionate about Scandinavian style, I think you’ll notice it here soon.

I’ve had passion for beautifully designed interiors and everything related to home decor for as long as I can remember… and I have noticed that it’s growing over the time. It’s not unusual that I spend hours with interior design magazines or on home decor related online sites looking beautifully designed rooms and trying to catch every little detail in these pictures. So this blog here is somewhat like an excuse for me to spend even more time doing something I am passionate about :)


If you have some general questions, business inquiries or collaboration proposals please don’t hesitate to send me an email at anu@decordots.com.




  • imemine

    hi anu ….lovely blog ….just my style too …i have decided to follow and thank you for writing it in english….your english is fantastic and even if it wasn’t I would prefer a few mistakes to no blog at all …x danielle (in perth western australia)…

  • affairewithinteriors

    danielle, thank you for your kind words! :)

  • Marianne @ Nordic Bliss

    Hello Anu

    Really liking your blog! Keep up the good work :)

  • skrouse1

    anu, your blog is so fresh & inspiring – your About page is well written & very descriptive. love that we met via BYW!

  • Shona

    Hi Anu! I’ve put you down as one of my favourite blogs and nominated you for a One Lovely Blog Award (http://homestork.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/tickled-pink/).

  • Lisa@CozyCondoLiving

    Hi Anu! I love you blog and am now following your new and improved blog. I love the polka dot look. Very cute!!!

  • Kevin Guo

    Hi Anu,

    I was surfing around the web and trying to find the perfect Scandinavia interior design. How lucky I am to find your blog. I’m so impressed by your ideas. I love the color combination from “Design Seeds” and it’s also useful for my presentation deck.

    Good job done!

    Kevin from Taiwan (living in Singapore)

  • Kaho

    Your blog is so beautiful!! It shows your style very well. Thanks for leaving me a comment! I can’t wait to see your posts!!

  • Vidya Sudarsan

    Hi Anu! love your blog! I will be following your blog :-) just love interior designing and color, as well can appreciate clean modern white color designs as well.. glad to have bumped into your blog today. I love blogging as well :-)

  • Céline Gil

    Great blog ! I ♥ it
    Céline from France

  • Maarja

    This beautiful blog just made my lovely saturday evening even more enjoyable! Thank you for that! :)

    And I will come back for more… You can bet on that! ;D

  • serafina gentile

    Hello Anu! :)
    I’m writing from Italy (Padua, North-east of Italy). It’s the first time for Me here but I know already I’ll spend a lot of time in your lovely Blog! :)

    p.s. Sorry for my english ;)

    • anu@decordots

      Hi! So happy that you are here and that you took some time to introduce yourself :)

      And there’s nothing wrong with your English, so no need to apologise!

  • Katie

    Hi Anu,

    I love your blog. I’ve just finished decorating our house and I love Scandi style too. I’m in the North West of England in Manchester.


  • happy_go_lucky

    Hello Anu,

    Your blog is so cute. Thank you for your post. I’m on going to decorate my new house with neutral color. Your blog give me more inspiration (Not only style but …in details such as color,pattern match.

    I’m from Thailand (south east asia pacific ). A little country too. It’s far from your country but however I love nordic style too. ; )

  • Art

    Love your blog. Love style of interior design that you post on your blog. Will keep checking your blog.

    And with coincident, I’m from Thailand just like the one above me!!

  • Sarah

    I am just thinking about redecorating my kitchen and love the scandi style enjoyed the blog

  • Molly

    Hello Anu! I’v been coming to your website for months now. I always find myself clicking your link and checking up on your blogs. You and I have the same taste :) Love the site ! Much love from Canada !

  • MaryBeth

    Nice to meet you! You have such a sweet spot here on the web.

  • Stephen Parisi

    Since I found your blog last night…I have decided to delete anything that is not Scandinavian in my apartment. Thank you! Such a beautiful collection of posts and pictures. :) !!!

    • Anu

      Thank you for your kind words, Stephen!:) But regarding to delete everything not Scandinavian – don’t :) I think that an eclectic mix with Scandinavian with some other pieces would be interesting and personal as well when done right! :)

  • Zuki

    Love your blog ❤️
    Gives me lot of inspiration…

    Zuki from Germany

  • Ann Isherwood

    I have just embarked on a design course and find your blog very inspiring. I love your style! Thank you

  • wolf

    awesome blog! thanks for sharing and inspiring others.

  • Gladys Turner Bosso

    Hi Anu. Your blog is amazing and delicate. I view your blog with pleasure of see a beautiful selection of scandinavian interior. There have been small changes in my apartment since. Thank you! Regards from Panama City to you!

    • Anu

      thank you dear Gladys for your sweet words. comments like these are really motivating to keep that blog going :)

  • Triinu

    Hi Anu!
    I have no idea how mani web kilometers I ran, but suddenly I find Your blog.
    Absolutely amazing. Thank You! I am so much inspired of Scandinavian home design. And end of this year me and my partner are plannig our first home. I got so many inspiration from Your blog. I will follow You on and on. Keep up the good work! Best, Triin

    • Anu

      Tere, Triin! Ma loodan, et Sa ei pahanda, kui vastan eesti keeles – suured suured tänud nende toredate sõnade eest! Sellised kommentaarid on nii inspireerivad ja annavad indu oma blogi veelgi kasvatada ning uusi postitusi meisterdada. Tore kuulda, et oled enda jaoks skandinaavia stiili avastanud ja ma soovin Sulle tohutult edu ja inspiratsiooni oma kodu sisustamisel – see on üks ütlemata põnev protsess ja mul on nii hea meel, et oled mu blogist inspiratsiooni leidnud!

  • Lauren

    Hey there Anu,

    I came across your blog through one of my favorite bloggers and I just wanted to let you know how fab it is!

    I die for your design aesthetic, I’m in the process of redecorating my studio and I will for sure be making frequent visits to your blog for some daily inspo!

  • jane tilson

    Hi there anu have just started doing an interior design course and was lucky to find your website and thank you so much for the inspiration you have given me and I will pass you onto my friends too jane tilson from nz thank you again

  • Ele

    Hey Anu, congrats on your blog! Amazing pictures, lots of inspiration. A bit too b/w for me, I am from the Mediterranean and need some sparkles of colour from time to time. But you offer me such a good basis to work on, I love it! Thanks and keep on, I’ll follow you!

  • T / RAKO6

    Hi Anu,
    I am lucky I found your Blog! You have a really good taste! :) I am currently planning a house with scandinavian touches in Germany. Although we haven’t even started building yet, I am already going totally crazy about the interiors! :D As I originally come from Finland, it will be very modern nordic… From your blog I will definitely find many ideas!
    Best, T / RAKO6

  • karina meble indyjskie

    hello Anu,

    Great blog. Lots of information in one place for interior fanatics like me . Please keep them coming.
    Thanks & regards

  • jane Tilson

    Hi Anu love your blog currently doing a diploma in interior design love the scandi look in design do you have any other interior design blogs to follow thanks jane nz

  • chanchan

    I really like the photos in your blog.
    thanks for sharing.
    Chanchan from China.

  • Vicki

    Beautiful…love your blog. Love your style.

  • giovanna sagheddu

    ciao anu!!il tuo blog è fantastico!!appena metto a letto i bimbi non vedo l ora di vedere se hai pubblicato qualcosa di nuovo!!allieti le mie serate..grazie

  • Marlène

    Beautiful blog and the right balance to my Moroccan life after spending years in Stockholm. Happy to follow your new discoveries and link back to you :). Thanks!!

  • Ruth

    Anu, I just found you through Bloglovin and have totally enjoyed browsing your site. You have created a wonderful blog. Ruth

  • Alexandra

    Very nice blog Anu! I am also a true decor addict and blogger and as I was looking for inspiration in Instagram, I reached your blog! Nice work!

  • Orange Tree meble indyjskie

    A real treasure box of great ideas. Keep up your work Anu! Thanks.

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