Monochrome Scandinavian style kids room

July 3, 2015

In the baby news post earlier this week I promised to show you our nursery and here it is. Actually it is the room of our 2 year old son Tobias (baby Oscar is currently sharing a bedroom with us) and I don’t know if it’s right to call it a nursery – it’s something in between a nursery and a big boy’s room. It’s still work in progress, for example we are looking for a bigger bed right now and a reading corner is still waiting decorating. But this is how it looks right now. (Ok, I have to admit, it’s not looking quite the same at the moment, I did some styling before taking photos and with a two year old playing and using his room it won’t look that way for long…)
Scandinavian style monochrome nursery for a baby boy

Monochrome nursery details, bedding from Frankie and Frenchie


For these photos I styled the room to look more monochrome than it actually is as I love monochrome Scandinavian style kids rooms, but I know that in reality it’s quite hard to keep it that way. To be honest, I don’t think a kids room should be that monochrome and organised at all – some mismatching colours and details are actually quite cute if they represent that little human who lives there with all of his interests and preferences and toys :)

However, I like to keep the background simple and light so that the overall look of the room won’t be too busy for the eye. That’s why I have chosen black and white textiles for the room. This cute and fun bedding is a Zero to Hero duvet set from Frankie and Frenchie (who I introduced you here). I love it and so does Tobias! It’s really soft material, it has quirky design and as a bonus it’s made from organic cotton!
Black and white kids room details

Scandinavian style monochrome kids room details
Another detail that Tobias love’s in his room is a Miniwilla Mr. Agent poster from The Poster Club. I chose it mainly because I liked it, but as soon as it arrived and we had it unpacked his face turned into a big smile :)

There are also some of my own designs – for example the little house pillow and the “T” cushion. I had so much fun sewing those, if only I had more time for making things for kids with my own hands… !


Scandinavian style kids room details._

Modern black and white nursery textiles. Zero to hero bedding and DIY cushions
So this was a little nursery/kids room tour, I hope you liked it. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about monochrome kids rooms versus colourful ones – it has been an inner battle for me for long time as I’m a huge fan of simple interiors decorated in monochrome or using subtle muted hues, but I’m not sure my kids won’t prefer more colourful room. And after all it’s their room and they have to like it :)


// photos and styling by me //

My Instagram | June

July 1, 2015

decordotsblog Instagram feed from June


With the beginning of a new month today (hello July!) it’s again time for my Instagram feed round-up post. This month was a really special and sweet one to our family with the arrival of our little baby boy and I already feel a little bit nostalgic when looking back – a month full of waiting and counting days, preparations, all those need-to-do-before-the-baby-comes things and then suddenly he was here. Definitely one of the best months of my life…


//all photos from my Instagram //


So precious

June 28, 2015


our little baby boy


Those of you following me on Instagram have probably already heard the news and some regular readers may be guessing it from the absence of new blog posts lately. Yes, our little baby boy finally arrived on June 16, a week and one day past his due date and made me a proud mom of two gorgeous boys! :)

It may be a little bit more quiet here for some time while I enjoy those precious moments (and sleepless nights) with a newborn, but I won’t definitely neglect this blog! For a new week I have planned a post about our nursery, so come back in a few days if you’d like to see it!

Adding warmth and texture with Icelandic sheepskin

June 13, 2015

Scandinavian style is well known for its simple and minimal yet warm and cozy feeling what is created by using different natural materials and textures. If you are a regular reader here you know how much I love Scandinavian interiors and that my own home is also decorated keeping Nordic style in mind. However, sometimes I feel that our home is little bit too minimalist and I have started to think about different ways of how to add more coziness and warmth to it. I’ve always admired beautiful long-haired sheepskins in different Scandi-style interiors and how they make monochrome and minimal interiors instantly cozier and welcoming. So I finally decided that it was about the time to get one for our home too. I was really happy when I found Furbazaar webshop with really good selection of different sheepskins.
monochrome Nordic living room, Icelandic sheepskin
Furbazaar is a Danish webshop offering skin and fur products for both interior decorating and fashion. The selection of interior products is really wide – from cow hides and various sheepskins to seat covers and cushions. And what made me smile was the free international shipping they offer! When talking about skins and fur, animal welfare is always a question for me and I was happy to find out that Furbazaar exclusively has products from certified suppliers who are subjects to strict regulations and requirements. So you can be sure that whatever you buy from them it’s coming from sustainable resources.

As there are many gorgeous sheepskins in variety of tones and sizes I had to thought long before choosing which one to take. Finally I decided to go for natural grey long wool Icelandic sheepskin – with white walls and white sofa in the living room I thought that something little bit darker would add more interest to the room. It’s 100% natural, undyed and organic and feels really gorgeous!

My new Icelandic sheepskin has found a perfect spot on our sofa, I think it adds the much needed coziness, texture and a little bit darker tones to the living room.
Scandinavian style interior, white sofa with grey Icelandic sheepskin

white walls, white sofa, grey Icelandic sheepskin

Natural grey Icelandic sheepskin

It looks rather gorgeous also in our bedroom, so when not on the sofa I use it there.
Simple Scandinavian bedroom, Icelandic sheepskin

Natural grey Icelandic sheepskin in monochrome Nordic bedroom

Simple and cozy Scandinavian style bedroom


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Furbazaar. Photos and styling by me. 

Perfectly styled studio apartment

June 11, 2015

Dining nook, styling by Susanna Vento

styling by Susanna Vento

living room corner, Hem Key sidetable. styling by Susanna Vento

white apartment, colorful kilim rug. styling by Susanna Vento

Bedroom. Styling by Susanna Vento


Stunning styling by Susanna Vento for Sato in this lovely studio apartment. I especially love the dining spot with white Menu Afteroom chairs, nice ceramics and delicate white blooming branches in Muuto Elevated vase – everything matches together just perfectly!


// photos from Susanna Vento’s blog Varpunen //



In my kitchen | A Smart Herb Garden

June 9, 2015

White Scandinavian kitchen with kitchen island

Kitchen details. Smart herb garden from Click and Grow

Kitchen details. Automated herb pot from Click and Grow

Smart Herb Garden from Click and Grow


Today I want to introduce you to something fun, nice-looking and useful I’ve had on my kitchen island for a couple of weeks – a Smart Herb Garden from Click & Grow.

Click & Grow is an innovative Estonian company offering automated indoor gardening solutions and what makes me really happy is that their products have beautiful design that is in perfect fit with minimalist Scandinavian style of my home. As we have sloped ceiling in our kitchen we don’t have window sills where I could place traditional herb pots and the north facing roof window over the kitchen island doesn’t provide enough light for growing herbs, especially during the darker months. So the Smart Herb Garden is a perfect solution for our kitchen as I don’t have to be concerned whether my indoor herbs are getting enough light, nutrients or water. Also, what amazed me was how fast the herbs were growing! These photos are taken approximately a week ago and by today the plants are at least doubled in size so we’ve had the first harvest already. And it looks rather stylish and beautiful too! :)


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Click & Grow. Photos and styling by me.

Scandinavian style apartment inspiration

June 2, 2015


Monochrome kitchen with green plants

monochrome Scandinavian style kitchen with subway tiles

Black and white kitchen in Scandinavian apartment

Scandinavian living room in soft hues

Hallway, String shelves

Cozy Scandinavian bedroom

Bedroom, IKEA lamp

colorful Scandinavian style kids room

Light and colorful kids room

Scandinavian kids room with colorful details

Monochrome apartment, fig tree


It’s been quite a while when I last shared a beautiful apartment from Swedish real estate scene here, so today you’ll have one. There are two rooms that I especially like in this 3 room apartment, namely the kitchen and the kids room. As you might guess I’m quite obsessed with monochrome decorating scheme also for kids rooms, but constantly thinking about how kid friendly this is – maybe it’s more for parents and kids would like to have more colorful rooms for themselves. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I was totally taken by the kids room in this apartment and discovered that it has pretty much color in there :) Not only colorful toys, but also other decorating items as well. It would be interesting to know how you like it?


// photos from Stadshem //


My Instagram | May

June 1, 2015


decordotsblog Instagram feed from May


In my opinion, May is definitely one of the loveliest months in the year – budding green leaves, blooming trees, longer and usually also warmer days and promises of beautiful summer days soon to arrive… Of course not to mention the gorgeous smell in the air coming from apple tree blossoms, lilacs and fresh green grass. With this collage of my Instagram shots I want to say goodbye to beautiful May and welcome June, which will be a really special month to our family this year :)


//photos from my Instagram feed //


Waiting… Final countdown

May 30, 2015

Moses basket, knitted baby blanket and crocheted bunny


nursery details, crocheted bunny and knitted blanket


If you follow me on Instagram you may already know the news for some time, but for those of you who don’t here it is: we are expecting baby number 2 and he will be here in any time soon :) With only 10 days left to my due date the exciting final countdown has surely begun! Despite feeling little overwhelmed with everything I’d like to do before the baby arrives, we can’t wait to meet him!

As for the things on the photos above, the crocheted bunny I have made myself and the knitted organic cotton baby blanket is from my mother. I like the thought of surrounding our little guy with things that have a story behind them and what would be better than something hand made from his mommy and granny :)

So now you know the reason why it may become a little bit quiet here on the blog for some time soon. I really hope that I can find little time for blogging as well, but I think I have to be realist and prepare myself for some really busy and hectic weeks before we can settle into the rhythm of living with 2-year-old and newborn. That won’t be easy, I know, but sure it will bring so much joy into our lives! :)


Shop love | Frankie and Frenchie

May 28, 2015

Frankie and Frenchie Zero to Hero fitted sheet

Today I want to share with you one of my latest online store finds – Frankie and Frenchie. I was searching for a new bedding for my two year old which would look nice to me and at the same time was fun enough to please my little one and I was lucky enough to stumble across Frankie and Frenchie and their gorgeous range of modern and playful kids bedding. In addition to modern minimalist Scandinavian style that I love so much, it’s also important to me that the textiles hugging my kid during those precious sleep hours wouldn’t contain any harmful substances. Fortunately, the bedding from Frankie and Frenchie fills this criteria as well – they use only GOTS certified organic cotton and water based ink to produce their textiles. Lovely designs combined with kid and eco friendly production – what else to look for? :)
Tricky Triangle duvet set by Frankie and Frenchie

Superhero cushion cover from Frankie and Frenchie

Frenchie cushion cover from Frankie and Frenchie online store
Minnie and Dee, the girls behind Frankie and Frenchie, kindly agreed to answer some questions, so that we can have a peek behind the brand and get inspired by their story.

Tell us a little bit of your background.
We have known each other for more than 10 years and both reside in sunny Queensland, Australia. It was our similar interest in interiors, graphic design, fashion and all things pretty that brought us together to start Frankie and Frenchie. Since the business went online six months ago, it has been a crazy experience for us learning to juggle work, kids and family so it is no surprise when we say we sometimes are sleep deprived!

How you came to the idea to launch Frankie and Frenchie?
We both have allergy boys with eczema and we found it hard to source for organic bedding that was gentle on their skin but also cool enough to fit with our home interiors. A light bulb moment happened and like other businesses that started by identifying a gap in the market, we decided that with our background in interior design and marketing, we could fill that gap.

We sat down and put a few concepts down on paper and communicated what our philosophy was going to be. We both agreed that we wanted to stay ethical and support Australian businesses were we can. Hence Frankie & Frenchie is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and printed using environmentally friendly water based ink. It is made and printed in Australia to reduce our carbon footprint.

How would you describe your style?
Our style would have to be modern minimalism with a dash of quirkiness. We try to incorporate fun into everything we do, because at the end of the day we are designing for kids.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Anything and everything! We believe that inspiration begins with a space that is filled with the things we love. We love things like interiors, fashion, graphic design and the cityscape. We can find inspiration from tile patterns to colour combinations on the catwalk. The one thing we always ask ourselves when designing is “will this work in the boys room and does it reflect their personality?” So our boys are our biggest inspiration.

How do you balance work and family life?
We make sure that we have days just dedicated to spending time with our family where we do fun stuff like having picnics in the park, going to the museum or just spending quality time at home.

It does get hectic at times but at the end of the day family comes first! So we find ourselves working during odd hours of the night when the kids are in bed. Other working mums with business can empathise with us on that!

We also are constantly messaging each other about ideas when we see something of interest or how we can do something better. Our brains never switch off!

What is your advice to someone thinking about launching an (online) business but still in doubt?
Don’t let fear stop you from doing something that you have been dreaming about. If money is an issue, start small then build it up by connecting with your customers and the online community. So stop dreaming and start doing, sometimes when you think about things for too long it becomes overwhelming. You’ll learn from your mistakes along the way, we sure have!


Zero to Hero duvet set from Frankie and Frenchie online store

Raindrop duvet set from Frankie and Frenchie


Thank you Minnie and Dee for your time to share the story behind Frankie and Frenchie. Be sure to check out their stunning bedding collection and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for lovely monochrome kids world inspiration.


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Frankie and FrenchieAll photos used in this post are from their website. 

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