Fresh and clean with some blue details

January 26, 2016

finnish apartment. laura seppänen, pauliina salonen

cupboard styling. laura seppanen pauliina salonen avotakka3

silke bonde print. styling laura seppanen pauliina salonen

white modern Scandinavian kitchen. laura seppanen pauliina salonen

dining corner with hints of blue. laura seppanen pauliina salonen

kitchen details with blue. laura seppanen pauliina salonen

bedroom styling. laura seppanen pauliina salonen
This two-room apartment in Finland Helsinki has a clean and fresh Scandinavian style with a hint of romantic vibes. Some vintage items together with newer Scandinavian design creates cozy feeling,  the use of soft wooden tones and graphic patterns on the fabrics makes the interior playful and lively. Residents love for blue color is clearly seen throughout the whole apartment.


// styled by Laura Seppänen (for more inspiration see her Instagram and Facebook), photographed by Pauliina Salonen //


Monochrome + natural materials

January 11, 2016

modern monochrome Scandinavian kitchen

black and white kitchen, subway tiles

dining table in simple white kitchen

white minimalist kitchen, white subway tiles

black, white, wood and tan leather

tan leather chairs in monochrome living room

Scandinavian fireplace

picture wall inspiration

bedroom with retro brass wall lamp

bedroom, light grey wall, retro wall lamp


Happy new week! We are having some really cold weather here – after warm and black Christmas last week almost every morning greeted us with temperatures below -20 degrees. Today temperatures are finally little higher, but quite strong wind makes being outside still not very pleasant. On the days like this I wish our apartment had a fireplace or stove like this beautiful monochrome Swedish apartment featured on today’s post. Styled by talented Sarah Widman and Elin Kicken this apartment decorated in monochrome and natural materials has this vibe I like about minimalist Scandinavian homes.


// photos from 55 kvadrat //



Scandinavian apartment with oversized watercolor art

December 2, 2015


cozy Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian living room with oversized watercolor art

livingroom inspiration

white Scandi-style kitchen with dining table

kitchen details, leather strap hanger for teatowels

White kitchen with wooden worktop

Simple white kitchen

Monochrome dining nook in the kitchen

blcony styling

Scandinavian apartment

bedroom, white linen bedding

bedroom windowsill with books

bedside styling
Again some interior inspiration from a Swedish real estate page Stadshem. This two room apartment is kept monochrome with the rustic wooden floors adding texture and warmth. The highlight of the space is definitely an over-sized watercolor painting hanging on the wall behind the sofa – something completely different than traditional picture walls!


// photos from Stadshem, styling Greydeco, photography Jonas Berg//

Apartment with romantic touches and gorgeous picture wall

November 16, 2015

Living room picture wall

living room with beautiful gallery wall


cozy Scandinavian living room

Piano, Paolo Roversiand a vintage chair

white kitchen with patterned tiles

big kitchen, dining table and Thonet chairs

dining room with Thonet chairs and pop art

bedroom with vintage painting

bedroom with cozy little balcony

bedroom in a mirror


I thought to start this post with sending my deepest condolence to all of those out there who were affected by the horrible things happened in Paris last Friday, but then I started to think how to say that and realized that instead of the phrase “to all of those out there who were affected” I should use “to all lovely people out there” because we are all affected, just some of us much more closely than others… These are the moments that remind us the fragility of life and importance of living in the moment we have. Importance of showing love and caring each time we have a chance, because only that way we can balance evilness and hate that tries to raise its head over peace and love…

As for the photos above, these are from a two room apartment sale on Swedish Entrance Makleri site. I was taken by the beautiful monochrome art wall in the living room where photos, art prints and a big painting are mixed together to create a focal point in the room.


// photos from Entrance Makleri, photography by Jonas Berg //

Natural simplicity in a new apartment near Stockholm

November 11, 2015

Scandinavian style kitchen + dining. Gervasoni chairs and Normann Copenhagen Bell pendant

Little fig tree and Ilse Crawford jug

kitchen details

Natural and calm living room

Living room details. Rattan, linen, wool, greens

Living room with white and grey base

Small kids room

Bathroom detials

Grey bedroom with linen bedding

Bedroom. Grey wall, grey lienn bedding


This new 3 room apartment in a small town near Stockholm is a beautiful example of natural and simple Scandinavian interior design. It’s decorated in calm tones: white and grey base with blue and green details. Some oak wood and rattan pieces together with linen and woolen textiles are timeless and add texture and warmth. Love the combination of white simple kitchen cabinets, modern Normann Copenhagen Bell pendant and timeless Gervasoni oak wood Gray chairs. The overall look feels cozy and welcoming, which is sometimes hard to achieve in a new built apartment.


// styling Marie Ramse, photos Sara Danielsson, from Hitta Hem //

Cosy vibes in a small Scandinavian style apartment

November 5, 2015

Scandinavian style one room apartment

Cosy nordic living room

Living room combined with bedroom

Cosy bedroom with a window

Small Scandinavian apartment

on a window sill

Small white kitchen wth dining nook

Small dining corner

kitchen still life

Small Scandinavian style apartment


This beautiful small (37 sqm) apartment found from Stadshem is styled in cosy Scandinavian style and despite the small space available everything needed for comfortable living has perfectly found its place: living room corner, bedroom, dining corner and storage. Lovely mix of different textiles and natural materials gives the apartment cosy feeling and since the colour palette is kept muted and neutral everything looks really nice and balanced together.

For more inspiration of how to decorate small spaces take a look here, here and here.


// styling Emma Fischer, photography Janne Olander, from Stadshem //

Styling perfection by Josefin Hååg

October 13, 2015

Beautiful Scandinavian apartment styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Kitchen, grey and concrete. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Kitchen still life. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Dining room, gallery wall. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Details. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Living room, tan leather Safari chair. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Cozy Scandinaian living room. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson


This beautiful and cozy apartment belonging to Marie and Martin Anker Svensson was styled by Josefin Hååg and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson for Residence magazine. Love how welcoming and cozy it feels – Josefin has again done an amazing job with styling! It’s located in a new Biografen building in Stockholm, but looking those photos it feels so lived-in and has many layers of details that new homes sometimes lack. Just perfect. I wish I had an access to Residence magazine to see more.


//photos from Krisofer Johnsson //

Monochrome apartment in Finland

September 14, 2015

Monochrome Scandinavian style kitchen from #lagerma blog

white kitchen cabinets + white subway tiles

kitchen details

monochrome inspiration

Scandinavian style living room from #lagerma blog

black and white picture wall


Finnish apartment

Monochrome Finnish home

Scandinavian bedroom

Monochrome Scandinavian bedroom with a nursery corner

Entrance. Hanger by Annaleena Leino


I’m so happy when I discover some new beautiful blogs and lovely homes – this time it’s #lagerma blog written by talented Finnish lady Maiju. She has a really nice home, which by the way is on sale right now here. The beautiful monochrome kitchen of this apartment was the first thing that caught my eye: white cabinets with white subway tiles and black grout is always a winning combination for me and House Doctor’s Molecular pendant looks perfect in this room. There are so many lovely details in this apartment and I love the overall monochrome look.


// photos from #lagerma blog, photography by Riikka Kantikoski //

Vintage meets modern in a Danish apartment

August 19, 2015


Nordic living room, Flos wall lamp

Scandinavian style living room

Living room

Simple bracket shelves in a living room

Small kitchen with a dining nook

A display shelf in a kitchen

Bedroom with a petrol blue wall

Scandinavian kids room with IKEA Malm drawer


Here’s one lovely renovated Danish family home. The style is vintage-inspired with modern setting. Simple living room has white painted floor, different hues of grey, warm wood and a Flos wall lamp that adds instantly so much character to the space. The simple shelving system is an affordable way to display things and it’s also very easy to customise and change. (I have written the whole post about simple adjustable bracket shelves in living rooms here.) In the original article the owners of this apartment share some good decorating tips to achieve their home’s style:

– Go for Danish 60’s and 70’s style, use drift shops or online auctions to find vintage furniture.

– Decorate mainly with black and white and dusty colours, let a single powerful colour stand out in one room.

– Use your walls, whenever for shelving to display nice things or for artwork.

– Choose natural materials like wood, leather, clay and add simple industrial elements like stainless steel shelves or some old lamps.

// Photos from Bolig Magasinet //


Stylish monochrome apartment in Helsinki

July 30, 2015

nordic apartment, dark grey. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen

living room in black, white and dark grey tones. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen

dining room. Menu POV candle holders, Eames chairs. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen

Scandinavian apartmen. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen

on the cupboard. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen

Simple nordic bedroom with charcoal bedding. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen

windowsill still life. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen

house doctor mirror. styling laura seppänen, photo by suvi kesäläinen


This stylish two room apartment in the center of Helsinki  is the latest design project of interior designer and stylist Laura Seppänen. The apartment is decorated in minimalist Scandinavian style and monochrome color scheme. Wooden flooring and some dark brown furniture pieces add some interest and warmth to the interior. Most of the furniture used is either handmade in Finland or from Finnish furniture brands such as Adea & Valanti. All posters are from The Poster Club.

You can see Laura’s own home and an interview with her here. To see more of her latest work and design projects visit her Instagram account or Facebook page.


// Interior design + styling Laura Seppänen, photography Suvi Kesäläinen //

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