Christmas preparations

December 15, 2015

Christmas preparations

Nordic Christmas inspiration

Christmas styling

Natural Christmas inspiration

Simple Christmas inspiration
Finally I have started to decorate for Christmas. I was waiting for the first snow to get that right spirit for Christmas preparations, but I can’t wait any longer… For me decorating our home for Christmas means bringing some green branches inside, adding some extra candles and of course Christmas tree, which will be brought home some days before Christmas. Baking gingerbread cookies, listening to Christmas carols and wrapping those carefully chosen presents for the dearest are definitely also in my Christmas list.
// photos and styling by me //

From my living room

October 20, 2015

Monochrome Scandinavian living room

Living room details. Cooee vases, Lyngby vase and Normann Copenhagen Nocto candle holder

Cooee design ball vases


My living room has got some little updates recently that have changed quite much how it looks. First, I finally decided on the picture wall arrangement so there is more than one frame hanging behind our sofa now. (I will dedicate a special post for it somewhere in the near future.) Second, I painted our round wooden coffee table white and it transformed the whole look of the room. We have wooden flooring, so there is still plenty of wood in our living room to add some warmth and I love how the white table goes with our white sofa. On the coffee table there are my new favorite ball vases from Swedish Cooee design – I really like their simple round form, matte colors and as a bonus they feel soft like velvet to touch! And one can never have too much candle holders – Nocto candlestick from Normann Copenhagen is a new addition to my collection.


// styling and photos by me //



Picture wall inspiration

August 30, 2015

With fall slowly but surely approaching I have started to come out from my summer hibernation mode and thinking about what things I’d like to change at home. One project that has been on my to do list already for too long time now is our living room picture wall. Right now we have only one big frame on the wall behind the sofa and for some time I liked it like that way, but now I feel like wanting to add some more pieces there.

When starting to plan a picture wall there are many decisions to be made. First, it’s definitely what to display. At the moment I have A Rose is a rose is a rose print from One Must Dash on our living room wall and I like how it stands out on a white wall. One Must Dash has added two new graphic floral prints (here and here) to their collection recently which I really like. I think they would be perfect to complement the rose print, if only we had more wall space for many bigger prints… (We have sloped ceilings in living room and this means not much space for picture wall.) Also, I have thought to add some beautiful minimalist black and white photo art, for example something like the prints of fine art photography by talented Nicolas Bell. He has some really nice pieces in his collection like The Abyss Fisher or Velvet Sunrise to name a few of my favourites. Photo art is timeless and I like the idea of mixing it with more abstract graphic prints. I haven’t decided yet if I’d like to keep my picture wall completely monochrome or add some subtle color. For example some lighter shades of pink would be nice. Australian online prints store Yorkelee Prints has some nice abstract prints with dusty pink details in their collection, for example this one. They offer affordable wall art prints also for kids rooms.

For me, the hardest part is definitely deciding the layout. I don’t know why, but I’m afraid of making holes into walls. So I want to make it right. Currently I’m more towards asymmetrical and effortless arrangement of frames, but haven’t made the final decision yet. And when where’s a question of whether to choose similar frames or combine different ones… So there is a lot to think about and therefore don’t expect to see the result too early. I have very little time for thinking lately :)

Below are some of my favourite picture walls from my Pinterest board where I collect gallery wall inspiration. I hope you like them too!

Monochrome picture wall with black frames fro Elisabeth Heier

Picture wall in Josefin Håågs apartment

Picture wall inspiration from J. Levau blog

Picture wall in living room corner

Picture wall inspiraion from A Merry Mishap

Gallery wall from Stylizimo blog

living room details and picture wall from Trendenser
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White peonies

July 9, 2015

Monochrome Scandinavian style living room, white peonies

White peonies on a coffee table. Black and white Nordic living room


A good thing about summer is that there are so many beautiful flowers in the garden and on the fields to bring inside, sometimes it even feels difficult to decide what to take and what to leave. Peonies (especially white ones!) are definitely one of my favourites for decorating – they look beautiful and smell heavenly…


Monochrome Scandinavian style kids room

July 3, 2015

In the baby news post earlier this week I promised to show you our nursery and here it is. Actually it is the room of our 2 year old son Tobias (baby Oskar is currently sharing a bedroom with us) and I don’t know if it’s right to call it a nursery – it’s something in between a nursery and a big boy’s room. It’s still work in progress, for example we are looking for a bigger bed right now and a reading corner is still waiting decorating. But this is how it looks right now. (Ok, I have to admit, it’s not looking quite the same at the moment, I did some styling before taking photos and with a two year old playing and using his room it won’t look that way for long…)
Scandinavian style monochrome nursery for a baby boy

Monochrome nursery details, bedding from Frankie and Frenchie


For these photos I styled the room to look more monochrome than it actually is as I love monochrome Scandinavian style kids rooms, but I know that in reality it’s quite hard to keep it that way. To be honest, I don’t think a kids room should be that monochrome and organised at all – some mismatching colours and details are actually quite cute if they represent that little human who lives there with all of his interests and preferences and toys :)

However, I like to keep the background simple and light so that the overall look of the room won’t be too busy for the eye. That’s why I have chosen black and white textiles for the room. This cute and fun bedding is a Zero to Hero duvet set from Frankie and Frenchie (who I introduced you here). I love it and so does Tobias! It’s really soft material, it has quirky design and as a bonus it’s made from organic cotton!
Black and white kids room details

Scandinavian style monochrome kids room details
Another detail that Tobias love’s in his room is a Miniwilla Mr. Agent poster from The Poster Club. I chose it mainly because I liked it, but as soon as it arrived and we had it unpacked his face turned into a big smile :)

There are also some of my own designs – for example the little house pillow and the “T” cushion. I had so much fun sewing those, if only I had more time for making things for kids with my own hands… !


Scandinavian style kids room details._

Modern black and white nursery textiles. Zero to hero bedding and DIY cushions
So this was a little nursery/kids room tour, I hope you liked it. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts about monochrome kids rooms versus colourful ones – it has been an inner battle for me for long time as I’m a huge fan of simple interiors decorated in monochrome or using subtle muted hues, but I’m not sure my kids won’t prefer more colourful room. And after all it’s their room and they have to like it :)


// photos and styling by me //

In my kitchen | A Smart Herb Garden

June 9, 2015

White Scandinavian kitchen with kitchen island

Kitchen details. Smart herb garden from Click and Grow

Kitchen details. Automated herb pot from Click and Grow

Smart Herb Garden from Click and Grow


Today I want to introduce you to something fun, nice-looking and useful I’ve had on my kitchen island for a couple of weeks – a Smart Herb Garden from Click & Grow.

Click & Grow is an innovative Estonian company offering automated indoor gardening solutions and what makes me really happy is that their products have beautiful design that is in perfect fit with minimalist Scandinavian style of my home. As we have sloped ceiling in our kitchen we don’t have window sills where I could place traditional herb pots and the north facing roof window over the kitchen island doesn’t provide enough light for growing herbs, especially during the darker months. So the Smart Herb Garden is a perfect solution for our kitchen as I don’t have to be concerned whether my indoor herbs are getting enough light, nutrients or water. Also, what amazed me was how fast the herbs were growing! These photos are taken approximately a week ago and by today the plants are at least doubled in size so we’ve had the first harvest already. And it looks rather stylish and beautiful too! :)


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Click & Grow. Photos and styling by me.

Little everyday luxuries

May 13, 2015

blooming apple tree branches and coffee moment

coffee moment inspiration

spring mood and coffee moment


Sometimes I don’t need much to make a rainy and windy day brighter – a good cup of coffee, freshly baked cranberry rolls coated with powder sugar and sweetly smelling apple tree branches on my table…  Little everyday luxuries that we all need so much :)

Have a great day and don’t forget to indulge yourself now and then!


Urban Botanic collection by My Deer Art Shop

April 23, 2015

Urban Botanic collection by My Deer Art Shop Urban Botanic postcards from My Deer Art Shop Monstera print from Urban Botanic collection by My Deer Art Shop
Beautiful new collection of simple and sophisticated prints of botanical watercolour paintings from My Deer Art Shop (who I introduced you here). Greens continue to be very trendy in interior design and these prints are perfect way to bring some nature to home.


// photos from My Deer Art Shop //

Simple picture wall inspiration

April 21, 2015

Simple picture wall inspiration from Stil Inspiration

Simple and stunning picture wall and cozy sofa. from Stil Inspiration


This simple yet stunning picture wall caught my eye first via Pella Hedeby’s Instagram feed. Really simple layout of similar frames on the wall exposing your favourite photos from magazines or photo books. Great idea for anyone looking for gallery wall ideas!

And this cozy grey sofa with chunky knit pillows is also adorable.


//photos from Stil Inspiration, styling Line Sandberg, photography Pella Hedeby //

New in: Monika Petersen Gold Apple print

April 20, 2015

Monika Petersen Gold Apple print. from

Details. Monika Petersen Gold Apple print. from

Ceramics, glass, branches from


This beautiful Gold Apple lino print from Monika Petersen has lived with us for some time now, but somehow it hasn’t got deserved exposure here on blog yet. I plan to hang it on the livingroom wall, but since I’m really bad at deciding the layout (actually it’s because I haven’t took time to decide) it has found a place on my bedroom drawer right now. It’s a really nice print with high quality and I’m more than happy with it! :)


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