Dark gray kitchen with brass details

February 28, 2017


Charming dark grey kitchen with marble worktop and brass details. Although quite small and in darker color it doesn’t look too crowded, mainly because one wall in the kitchen has left blank without cabinets and it makes the overall look more airy. Wooden stools behind the breakfast bar add some texture and warmth and match perfectly with Wishbone chairs around small dining table near the kitchen nook. Small kitchen area done beautifully!


// photos from BOSTHLM //

Matching furniture and wall color

August 29, 2016

bold kitchen color. matching cabinets and wall color

Teal kitchen ith teal wall, round table and Ton chairs
Bold kitchen colour choice and good idea to blend kitchen cabinets into the wall by using the same colour on furniture and on the wall.


// photo from Eklund Stockholm //

Contemporary kitchen with open shelving

July 13, 2016

Scott and Scott Architects: North Vancouver House

contemporary kitchen with open storage and massive marble countertop

modern and relaxed kitchen, wood, open shelves

Scott and Scott Architects: North Vancouver House

open shelving, ceramics


Continuing with summer mood. This relaxed contemporary kitchen from a wooded surrounds at the base of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver with lots of open storage space fits perfectly into a modern summer home. Transformed from a 1950s building into a modern living space by Scott & Scott architects this is a beautiful mix of simple and honest materials like wood and marble with natural and light colour palette.


// photos via Dpages, found via The Design Chaser //

Two looks of a small kitchen with amazing open shelving

February 3, 2016

Small white kitchen with a wall of cube box open shelving

timber box open shelving in nordic kitchen

box shelves in kitchen for ceramics and glassware

white kitchen with black wall and big open shelf

white open shelving in kitchen. cube box shelf.

open shelves in the kitchen


This little kitchen is an amazing example of how a few little changes can transform the whole space completely. Interior stylist Mette Helena Rasmussen wanted to update the kitchen in her Copenhagen apartment, but couldn’t decide whether to go for an all-white kitchen or a black and more daring look. Finally she decided to have white classic kitchen cabinets and try the other look by using black paint on the wall. Both versions look great, don’t you think? I really love this timber cube box open shelving – maybe not so practical, but great for showing your kitchen treasures that you don’t want to hide behind the doors.


//styling Mette Helena Rasmussen, photography Tia Borgsmidt. Found from Insideout via My Paradissi //

Contrasting minimalist kitchen cabinets

January 18, 2016

minimalist dark wooden kitchen

black kitchen cabinets in white interior


These minimalist dark wooden kitchen cabinets create beautiful contrast in this otherwise white kitchen. Large windows let in plenty of daylight which is reflected on white walls and light wooden floor so that the dark cabinetry doesn’t feel too heavy in this interior.


// photos from Bo-Bedre, by Mikkel Adsbøl //

Kitchen inspo and sleep regression

September 27, 2015

Blue kitchen, Thonet chairs
It’s been a little bit quiet over here lately. And I’m afraid it will be quiet also for some days to come. Little Oskar is having something that looks a lot like 4 months sleep regression – those of you who have kids probably know what it is… Basically, my good sleeper who slept 8 or 9 hours without waking and feeding (yes, I was lucky!!) has started to wake quite often at night and has trouble with going down to nap (and staying asleep) during daytime. So I’m pretty sleep deprived these days and my to do list is already really long! It doesn’t help that our home will be photographed for a local home decor magazine next week, so there is actually pretty many things I need to find time for.  Wish me luck! :)

This beautiful kitchen with dark blue cabinets is from a renovated weekend getaway in Australia found from Inside Out magazine. Love the combination of white, blue and wood and contrasting black Thonet chairs around the dining table.  Light grey Caravaggio pendant from Lightyears above the sink is a beautiful statement piece that stands out on white background.
// photo from Inside Out magazine, photography Eve Wilson, styling Jacqui Moore//

In my kitchen | A Smart Herb Garden

June 9, 2015

White Scandinavian kitchen with kitchen island

Kitchen details. Smart herb garden from Click and Grow

Kitchen details. Automated herb pot from Click and Grow

Smart Herb Garden from Click and Grow


Today I want to introduce you to something fun, nice-looking and useful I’ve had on my kitchen island for a couple of weeks – a Smart Herb Garden from Click & Grow.

Click & Grow is an innovative Estonian company offering automated indoor gardening solutions and what makes me really happy is that their products have beautiful design that is in perfect fit with minimalist Scandinavian style of my home. As we have sloped ceiling in our kitchen we don’t have window sills where I could place traditional herb pots and the north facing roof window over the kitchen island doesn’t provide enough light for growing herbs, especially during the darker months. So the Smart Herb Garden is a perfect solution for our kitchen as I don’t have to be concerned whether my indoor herbs are getting enough light, nutrients or water. Also, what amazed me was how fast the herbs were growing! These photos are taken approximately a week ago and by today the plants are at least doubled in size so we’ve had the first harvest already. And it looks rather stylish and beautiful too! :)


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Click & Grow. Photos and styling by me.

Wooden kitchen cabinets and concrete floor

May 20, 2015


Love the warm atmosphere of this kitchen with wooden cabinets and white square tiles with black grout (For more inspiration of kitchens featuring the lovely combination of white tiles and black grout see here). This kitchen has a concrete floor which balances perfectly the warm feeling of natural wood. Green plants on a worktop add the final touch that makes this kitchen pretty perfect in my eyes.


// Styled by Tina Hellberg and photographed by Petra Bindel for Elle Decoration, found via Coco Lapine Design //

Mix of old and new in a Copenhagen rooftop apartment

April 16, 2015

Old wooden table in modern monochrome kitchen. Gubi pendant.

Black minimalist kitchen with red Panton pendants

Rooftop living room

Details. Ditte Fischer vase.

Rooftop bedroom with skylights. Navy blue linen

Rooftop bathroom


This lovely Scandinavian rooftop apartment feels really spacious, open and light. Big windows, skylights, white-painted walls, ceiling and beams together with pale wooden floors do the trick. I’m in love with the modern black kitchen with a kitchen island, it’s made of black MDF and it has holes in front panels instead of handles. The big old wooden dining table gives the monochrome space a warm touch. Bright red pendants adding a pop of color in this monochrome kitchen are Panton Flowerpot lamps, and the pendant over the dining table is a Semi pendant from Gubi.


// from Boligliv, photography by Pernille Enoch, found via House of C //

All white living

March 18, 2015


All white kitchen with a kitchen island

all white kitchen, kitchen island, marble worktop

white kitchen, marble worktop

Scandinavian apartment. monochrome interior

monochrome interior, concrete side table

workspace. Bestlite lamp


As a contrast to the previous post of black kitchen, here is one gorgeous apartment in Gothenburg with all white kitchen. Typing it while the low and bright spring sun is pouring in from my windows I can only imagine how bright this space feels when the sun is shining – white walls, white cabinets, white painted floors and big windows! Maybe not the most practical choices for everyday life, but definitely looks fabulous on the photos. This apartment has a nice round built-in office corner with a iconic Jacobsen Series 7 swivel chair and Bestlite table lamp.

// photos from Alvhem, styled by Sarah Widman //

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