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Stylish home blending indoor and outdoor living space

February 26, 2016

suspended fireplace as a focal point in a living room

living room. suspended fireplace, Lampe Gras, gallery wall

dining room. old wooden dining table, Alvar Aalto chairs

terrace as an extension of living room. black window frames

terrace as an extension of living room outdoors

black kitchen cabinets, marble worktop and backsplash, open shelves

gallery wall and vintage bench
This part of the home of architect duo Annick Houle and Stephen O’Connor seen on the photos above acts as a beautiful example of how to blend indoor and outdoor living space. Huge black framed floor to ceiling windows let the space to get a lot of daylight and provide spectacular view to the terrace and garden. Part of the windows can be opened to extend the living room to the big terrace.


// styling Judy Ostergaard, photography Derek Swalwell, photos from Homes to Love via The Design Chaser //


Tulips season

February 17, 2016

white tulips monochrome Scandinavian living room
Tulips are one of my favourite spring flowers and bringing them home is like allowing the spring to move in bit by bit. Although most of the days are still quite dark and grey here, it’s so much more light around compared to the time a month ago. Today it’s so beautiful and sunny  and it feels that spring is not far away any more (at least when staying inside where you don’t feel the cold wind).

Also, I wanted to let you know that there’s a giveaway running on my Instagram account where you have a chance to win a a print of your choice from One Must Dash. Don’t miss the chance!

From my living room

October 20, 2015

Monochrome Scandinavian living room

Living room details. Cooee vases, Lyngby vase and Normann Copenhagen Nocto candle holder

Cooee design ball vases


My living room has got some little updates recently that have changed quite much how it looks. First, I finally decided on the picture wall arrangement so there is more than one frame hanging behind our sofa now. (I will dedicate a special post for it somewhere in the near future.) Second, I painted our round wooden coffee table white and it transformed the whole look of the room. We have wooden flooring, so there is still plenty of wood in our living room to add some warmth and I love how the white table goes with our white sofa. On the coffee table there are my new favorite ball vases from Swedish Cooee design – I really like their simple round form, matte colors and as a bonus they feel soft like velvet to touch! And one can never have too much candle holders – Nocto candlestick from Normann Copenhagen is a new addition to my collection.


// styling and photos by me //



White peonies

July 9, 2015

Monochrome Scandinavian style living room, white peonies

White peonies on a coffee table. Black and white Nordic living room


A good thing about summer is that there are so many beautiful flowers in the garden and on the fields to bring inside, sometimes it even feels difficult to decide what to take and what to leave. Peonies (especially white ones!) are definitely one of my favourites for decorating – they look beautiful and smell heavenly…


Monochrome with wood and green plants

May 26, 2015

Scandinavian living room. White walls, white sofa, String shelf. from Decordots blog

White nordic living room details, green plants, String shelf

Scandinavian style decoration inspiration from Decordots blog


I love the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian style and the combination of black, white, grey with wood and green plants. So I have tried to bring that look also to our living room. That’s how my favorite corner of our living room looks like on good days (you’re right, I won’t show you how it looks on those not so good days when everything is a big mess … ). Sometimes when I saw some perfect interior decorated in soft muted hues and neutrals I start to think about redecorating, but then again I fell in love with this crisp white look we have in our living room right now.


Styling and photos by me

Simple picture wall inspiration

April 21, 2015

Simple picture wall inspiration from Stil Inspiration

Simple and stunning picture wall and cozy sofa. from Stil Inspiration


This simple yet stunning picture wall caught my eye first via Pella Hedeby’s Instagram feed. Really simple layout of similar frames on the wall exposing your favourite photos from magazines or photo books. Great idea for anyone looking for gallery wall ideas!

And this cozy grey sofa with chunky knit pillows is also adorable.


//photos from Stil Inspiration, styling Line Sandberg, photography Pella Hedeby //

Currently in our living room

March 10, 2015

Nordic style living room. String shelf, green plants, cushions. from Decordots blog

monochrome Scandinavian living room, String shelf, One Must Dash print, navy blue.  from Decordots blog

String shelf styling inspiration from Decordots blog-3

A few days ago I had time to rearrange the String shelf in our living room and I thought it was a good time to document how our sofa corner currently looks like. I don’t know if it’s because this shelf is almost the only surface in the living room our little one can’t reach, but it tends to clutter up very quickly…

As I thought, the new print from One Must Dash, which was in our bedroom a few weeks ago looks gorgeous also on the living room wall. I plan to add some more prints above the sofa as well to create a picture wall, but knowing myself it will take some time to choose the pieces to display and decide the layout.


P.S. I tend to get a lot of questions about our wall shelving unit through my Instagram account, so for those of you wondering the same thing right now – it’s the String shelf and I got mine from Finnish Design Shop. There are still some days left to the end of their campaign where they offer -15% off from all white String shelving units. I’m tempted to extend our shelf to the floor, but at the same time I know that this free space under the shelf is a really good spot for an occasional side table or stack of IKEA stools as seen on the photos above.

Decorating with shades of grey and blue

February 18, 2015

Danish apartment. Shades of grey and blue + wood

Shades or grey and blue in a Scandinavian bedroom

Shades of blue in living room. by Annika von Holdt


Beautiful examples of interiors decorated with different hues of grey and blue – one of my favorite combinations of late.


photos // 1 / 2 / 3 //



White and brown in a Nordic living room

January 20, 2015

White and brown in a Danish living room

Cozy corner in a nordic living room


Today I love this Scandinavian style living room corner in an apartment in Copenhagen. The combination of white and brown gives this space very light and crisp yet so cozy feeling.


// photos from Femina //

From the home of photographer Petra Bindel

January 15, 2015

Scandinavian living room. Muuto sofa, Flos lamp. Photo Petra Bindel

Dining room. Nordic with a romantic touch. Photo Petra Bindel

Custom-made bookshelves. Photo Petra Bindel

A couple of oh-so-amazing shots from the home of talented Swedish photographer Petra Bindel. Mix of designer pieces with vintage finds and beautiful art makes this home really interesting and personal. The custom-made bookshelf next to the stairs combines beauty with function and doubles also as a banister. My favourite here is the living room with cozy Rest sofa from Muuto, Flos 265 lamp and beautiful galley wall.


// photos from Elle Decoration Sweden //

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