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Decorating with flowers | Delicate poppies

June 30, 2017

Minimalist bedroom decor with natural beige linen bedding, light grey walls and light wood. Framed art print and delicate minimalist flowers.

Modern and minimalist bedroom in neutral color scheme. Framed art and delicate yellow flowers on a bedside table

Still life on a String shelf. Delicate yellow poppies in a Marimekko Flower vase.


Decorating home with flowers is such an easy way to elevate a space and also to bring some color to a room with neutral color scheme. I tend to prefer white flowers mixed with greenery, but when I saw these delicate yellow poppies in my mothers garden I knew right away that these would look good in my bedroom. Light grey-beige wall gives them a beautiful background and this very little pop of yellow brings some color to the room. They look also nice on the living room shelf and fit perfectly into my Marimekko Flower vase.


Lillede vaasi toomine on väga lihtne moodus toale värske ilme andmiseks ja juhul kui ruum on kujundatud neutraalsetes toonides siis ka üheks võimaluseks, kuidas erinevaid värve oma koju tuua ja neid väga lihtsalt vahetada. Värvilised lilled vaasis tulevad neutraalse värvigammaga ruumis uskumatult hästi esile, kirjumas interjööris kipuvad need taustamüra sisse ära kaduma. Ma kipun tavaliselt küll eelistama valgeid õisi ja rohelisi lehti või oksi, aga kui nägin oma ema aias neid üliõrnasid erekollaseid moone, siis kujutasin kohe ette, kui ilusad need meie magamistoa beežikas-halli seina taustal olla võiksid. Üliõrnad ja graafiliselt mõjuvad varred näevad väga head välja ka elutoa riiulil Marimekko Flower vaasis, mis on viimasel aastal olnud üks mu lemmikumaid vaase. 


 // Photography and styling by Anu Reinson //


My work in Diivan magazine

May 8, 2017



One of my latest interior projects (which I featured also here) got published in a local home decor and design magazine Diivan. I’m superhappy about it – my interior design, my styling for shooting and my photos!

Also, I put together a portfolio site featuring some of my work and services, you can find it here (at the moment it’s available only in Estonian).


Üks mu hiljutisi sisekujundusprojekte (mida kajastasin siin) avaldati ajakirja Diivan mai numbris. Muidugi olen ma kõrvust tõstetud ja eriti hea meel on selle üle, et nii sisekujundus, stiliseerimine pildistamise jaoks kui ka fotod on minu tehtud. 

Lisaks panin ma mõned päevad tagasi kokku oma portfoolio lehe, selle leiab siit



Bedroom styling with H&M Home

May 3, 2017



In my last post I promised to show you how I have used some of my favorite H&M Home products in my own home. So here are some photos of my bedroom with gorgeous natural beige linen bedding I had had on my wish list for months, but it was always sold out when I looked for it. It creates a beautiful tone on tone styling with a wall color we have in our bedroom. As you have maybe already noticed from my Instagram feed I really like the new speckled ceramics too and it even inspired me to frame one of my splatter ink drawings I did last year, which had been left in the bottom of the drawer for over a year.


Eelmises postituses lubasin ma näidata, kuidas olen kasutanud mõndasid oma lemmikasju H&M Home kollektsioonist oma kodus ja siin ongi mõned pildid mu magamistoast. Olin juba ammu tahtnud saada omale üht naturaalse linase tooni voodipesukomplekti, mis harmoneeruks uue seinavärviga ja looks toon-toonis efekti. Enamasti pole seda saada olnud, aga nüüd lõpuks sain! Lisaks meeldib mulle väga nende uuest kollektsioonist see pisikeste täpikestega keraamika, millest kasutasin selles stiliseeringus alustassi ja kausikest. Need täpikestega nõud inspireerisid mind raamima ära ühe mu tehtud “joonistuse”, mis oli juba üle aasta teenimatult sahtlipõhjas seisnud. 



And here is almost the same setting, but I added a pop of terracotta red with a velvet cushion cover from H&M Home new collection. Only a little change, but with a big impact! It also demonstrates how easy it is to change the look in a room which has decorated in neutral color scheme. Just add some colorful accessories and change them when you get tired of the look or have found a new favorite color you wish to add to your home.
Ja siin on peaaegu täpselt samasugune tuba, ainult selle vahega, et lisasin väheke värvi terrakota punase velvetist padjakattega (samuti H&M Home uuest kollektsioonist). Pisike muudatus, aga suur muutus! Samuti näitab see hästi, kui kerge on neutraalsetes toonides kujundatud ruumi muuta – lisa lihtsalt mõned värvilised aksessuaarid ning kui värvist tüdined on seda väga kerge mõne uue lemmikvärvi vastu vahetada.


Posted in collaboration with H&M Home.

Naturally dyed Easter eggs

April 15, 2017



For this year’s snowy Easter I decided to make some warm toned eggs with natural dyes. As this was a real last minute project I used things I had in my kitchen, these eggs above are dyed with strong black coffee and with onion peels. It was easy with the coffee – brewed some really strong cups and after it was cooled to room temperature I added a tablespoon of vinegar and soaked boiled eggs there about three hours. As for onion peels I boiled them in water about an hour and then the same – vinegar, boiled eggs and some hours of waiting. Simple and all natural :)

Minimalist city maps by Grafomap

March 28, 2017



City map posters have been popular home decor pieces for some years now. Its minimalist design easily fits in different interior styles and adds some personality to a space as there’s usually a story behind the city chosen for the poster.

When Grafomap kindly offered me a poster of my choice I knew it would be a perfect gift for a friend moving away from Estonia very soon. I chose the map of Tallinn which is currently her hometown so that she can put it up on the wall of her new home in San Francisco as a sweet reminder of her hometown, family and friends there.
You can search your favorite places by the name of the city or even by aadress, there are basically unlimited choices for custom design of the poster.

Posted in collaboration with Grafomap.


Daniel Wellington Classic Petite

March 16, 2017



A few days ago this stylish beauty arrived to me – a brand new Classic Petite watch from Daniel Wellington. Love the minimalist and classic design of this timepiece and I’m sure it will be one of my wardrobe essentials for a long time. Mesh strap is really comfortable and it’s so easy to adjust the length to make it fit perfectly.

Also, with a code “DECORDOTS15” you will get 15% off of your order from Daniel Wellington.
Posted in collaboration with Daniel Wellington. 



Late new year wishes

January 11, 2017


Almost two weeks of this new year have flown by and it seems quite late to wish you a happy new year, but I will do it regardless… I wish this new year will have plenty of wonderful things waiting for you, that light and good thoughts will guide you and you will have plenty of time to stop and look around, reflect and take time for what is most important and what you really like to do.


Christmas mood with H&M Home

December 12, 2016







Christmas is approaching and while we are still waiting until the next weekend to bring in the tree I have started adding some subtle Christmas decorations here and there. When it comes to setting home holiday ready I like to keep things simple and not overdo it – some evergreen branches, cones and a few decor items are enough for me to bring the feeling in. This year I found some really nice golden accessories from H&M Home that give instantly festive look to any room. And the good thing is that apart from Christmas hangings all these items can be used also beyond the holiday season!

Things used for styling: Christmas hangings, glass vase, sphere trinket box, stoneware mug, round wooden tray, quilted bedspread and linen bedding – all from H&M Home.


// Posted in collaboration with H&M Home.

Rainy Day print in my bedroom + MY SHOP

October 17, 2016





Some time ago I posted a few pictures of my living room with a my photo of raindrops on a window hanging on the wall and got huge amount of emails asking where this photo is from and how it can be bought. Since I still get these emails I thought it would be more convenient to open my own little shop where anyone interested can get it quickly. Rainy Day comes in two different sizes, 50 x 70 cm or 30 x 40 cm and is printed on high quality photo paper. If you are interested in a different size please contact me directly. I am soon adding some more prints there, please be patient :)

My new camera

August 18, 2016

My new mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-T10

My new camera Fujifilm X-T10

Workspace details


I have received questions about what gear I use to shoot my photos for blog and Instagram and since I have had a new work companion for already a month now I thought it would be nice to introduce it properly and answer your questions about my equipment too. Before I proceed I’d like to highlight that this post isn’t sponsored in any way.

So, my new camera is Fujifilm X-T10. I had thought about updating my camera for a while (I used Canon 40D previously which had served me many years), but couldn’t decide whether to try mirrorless camera or continue with DSLR. I received this camera as a surprise birthday gift, so I didn’t have to go through that long and hard decision process I usually have when buying new things. I won’t write a long review about this camera here as you can read those from special photography sites (those that I read were singing praises to X-T10!). All I say is that my DSLR gear is now put on sale and I have bought two good lenses (Fujinon XF 14mm f2.8 and XF 35mm f2) in addition to kit lenses that came together with the camera body, so I definitely will continue with it as my main camera. It looks beautiful and is extremely lightweight, even with lens attached. Third photo is the best one to show how little this camera actually is. When I have it side by side with my Canon camera it looks like a toy. I’m in love.


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