IKEA Spring news

January 17, 2017

IKEA news Eket storage system


IKEA Eket storage system with accessories
IKEA has released their news coming to sale in February and there are some things I’m particulary excited about, for example this flexible and minimalist looking Eket storage system seen above. To keep things organized and home clutter free some great storage is a must and often times it’s hard to find budget friendly options that would look stylish and that could be adjusted to ones needs. Shelves, cabinets and drawers can be combined in many ways to achieve the desired look. There seem to be also some great accessories available to organize smaller things on the shelves.
IKEA news, soft neutrals

IKEA news Spring 2017


Two new kitchen designs will be also available starting from February – blond wood Askerud for lighter option and darker Kungsbacka designed by famous swedish design studio From Us With Love.


IKEA new blonde wood kitchen Askerud

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Lastly, new bedding frame from Nordli series will have drawers under the bed – perfect for smaller bedrooms in need for extra storage space. But what really caught me in this last picture is the deep dark green wall in combination with beige linen bedding!
IKEA news Nordli bed with drawers. Dark green wall



// photos via IKEA press room

My new camera

August 18, 2016

My new mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-T10

My new camera Fujifilm X-T10

Workspace details


I have received questions about what gear I use to shoot my photos for blog and Instagram and since I have had a new work companion for already a month now I thought it would be nice to introduce it properly and answer your questions about my equipment too. Before I proceed I’d like to highlight that this post isn’t sponsored in any way.

So, my new camera is Fujifilm X-T10. I had thought about updating my camera for a while (I used Canon 40D previously which had served me many years), but couldn’t decide whether to try mirrorless camera or continue with DSLR. I received this camera as a surprise birthday gift, so I didn’t have to go through that long and hard decision process I usually have when buying new things. I won’t write a long review about this camera here as you can read those from special photography sites (those that I read were singing praises to X-T10!). All I say is that my DSLR gear is now put on sale and I have bought two good lenses (Fujinon XF 14mm f2.8 and XF 35mm f2) in addition to kit lenses that came together with the camera body, so I definitely will continue with it as my main camera. It looks beautiful and is extremely lightweight, even with lens attached. Third photo is the best one to show how little this camera actually is. When I have it side by side with my Canon camera it looks like a toy. I’m in love.


News from Muuto

April 26, 2016


News from Muuto landed today into my inbox and three great new products are soon available.

Control is a new minimalistic lamp with strong references to both original Hi-Fi equipment and industrial control panels. The light is switched on and off with a heavy click by turning the solid but elegant knob, which also regulates the bulbs intensity. The small size of the lamp allows it to fit in where other lamps do not: on narrow windowsills, in tightly-packed bookshelves and on small bedside tables.

Framed is a series of colored glass mirrors designed by the prominent Norwegian design company Anderssen & Voll, who took the approach of giving new perspective to the conservative mirror.

Ply is a new woolen rug with timeless design. Ply comes in five color combinations and in three sizes with finishing tassels in the corners.



Tylko | Customisable designer furniture + Reader offer

April 5, 2016

Modern dining room, lack table and chairs, warm grey wall, Tylko Hub table

Shelf, storage, Scandinavian inspiration. Tylko Ivy shelf

Shelving inspiration, great shelf for storage, Tylko Ivy shelf

Minimalist and stylish customizable wooden table, Tylko Hub table

Customizable Tylko Hub table and Totem mill salt and pepper grinders

Minimalist modern Scandinavian style workspace. Tylko Hub table, Muuto chair

Tylko Ivy shelf as a room divider in open plan living room
I think everyone who has furnished or decorated a home know the feeling of finally finding that perfect piece of furniture only to find out that it’s dimensions doesn’t fit the space or its color isn’t exactly what you’ve been looking for. And I think that everyone deciding on a new furniture for their home have tried hard to imagine how exactly this new piece would look like in their home. Well, I have some good news for you – furniture industry is moving to a direction where these kind of problems are a history!

Tylko, a Warsaw-based design company, is bringing digital revolution into designer furniture industry by allowing customers to personalize pieces to meet their specific tastes and needs. This is done via multi-platform Tylko app where anyone can co-create a unique piece of furniture by starting with a basic, pre-designed shape and changing its properties to match their taste and space. While customizing, Tylko has ensured parameters and algorithms are in place so that the end result will be visually harmonious and represent the vision of the designer behind each piece. After deciding furniture configuration, finishes and dimensions, the app’s augmented reality mode can be used to create a virtual view of the furniture in a real environment using your phone’s camera. It’s a completely new way of designing and purchasing furniture and pretty awesome, don’t you think?

At the moment their selection includes minimalist and modern Ivy shelf created by Tylko’s own design team, Hub table designed by world-known designer Yves Béhar and Totem mill salt and pepper grinders by Polish designer Krystian Kowalski.

To finish, I’m really happy to tell you that Tylko is kindly giving all Decordots readers 10% off from their order. The offer can be used by clicking on the Tylko banner in right sidebar (this way the reduction will apply automatically) or simply entering the code decordots at checkout. Have fun!


// photos from Tylko //
Posted in collaboration with Tylko.


January 5, 2016

NORR11 Mammoth chair

photo NORR11

NORR11 chairs

Scandinavian NORR11

NORR11 dining set and ceramics

NORR11 is a young Scandinavian design and lifestyle brand offering timeless high quality furniture pieces and home accessories. Founded in 2011 as a German-Danish start up their furniture and lamps are clearly characterized by modern Scandinavian design, but at the same time include classical Bauhaus elements. By contrast, the shapes and materials of NORR11 accessories have Asian roots and as such add some color and dynamics to their collection. The mix of 3 different styles makes NORR11 products really unique.

NORR11 furniture and home accessories are available exclusively online and shipping is free of charge! For inspiration visit their website or one of their showrooms.


// photos from NORR11 //


House Doctor Moments 2014

July 29, 2014

House Doctor Moments 2014 16

House Doctor Moments 2014 6

House Doctor Moments 2014 7

House Doctor Moments 2014 2

House Doctor Moments 2014 3

House Doctor Moments 2014 01

House Doctor Moments 2014 9

House Doctor Moments 2014 11

House Doctor Moments 2014 12

House Doctor Moments 2014 15
House Doctor‘s new catalogue Moments 2014 is now online and I have spent already a great amount of time flipping through it and adding some nice things to my wish list. The theme of this new collection is Perfect Imperfections to celebrate the beauty of imperfections. With this new collection they encourage to mix things up and add some quirky details to the scene that seemingly don’t really fit in – everything doesn’t have to be so serious and so perfect! But to me the new collection with it’s focus on imperfections seems still quite perfect! :) Click here to see the new catalogue.

Speaking of House Doctor, I have some great news to everyone living in Estonia! Strössel, a new interior design boutique in Tartu (which happens to be my home down, yay!), has a wide selection of House Doctor goodies in the store. And if you’d like to get something in the catalogue but not currently available in the shop, you can just order it. How great is that?


// photos from House Doctor //

Strap hangers by Mathilda Clahr

April 14, 2014

Matilda Clahrs Strap hangers.

Matilda Clahrs Strap hangers

Mathilda Clahr strap hangers

Mathilda Clahr leather strap hangers. from Coco Lapine Design

Neutral colors and leather strap hanger, from Stil Inspiration

Using leather straps in decorating is a big trend at the moment: you can see those as hangers, handles, drawer pulls or around piles of magazines. Those cool leather hangers on the photos above are designed by Mathilda Clahr. Hangers are handmade from organically tanned high quality leather in Sweden. Available in three different tones: black, dark brown and light brown. Can be used for many different purposes: for magazines as on the photos above, for scarves in an entry, for tea towels in a kitchen or towels in a bathroom to name just a few possibilities!
// photos 1.-3. styling Josefin Hååg, photography Elin Strömberg; 4. Coco Lapine Design 5. Stil Inspiration //

Simplicity by Norm Architects

December 4, 2013

white on white, norm architects, photo line klein black and white. norm archidects, photo line klein norm architects, photo line klein bowls. norm architects, photo line klein black and white and raw wood. kitchenware by norm architects, photo line klein simple and white workspace, norm architects, photo line klein.

It often holds true that less is more. Photos above are a perfect example of that statement. And it’s all I want to say today. Dot. (Because less is more, right? )


Need pildid on hea näide sellest, et ‘less is more’. Ja ma ka ei ütlegi täna midagi rohkemat. Punkt. (Sest vähem on ju rohkem, eks? )


// images Norm Architects, photos by Line Klein //

Dipped by Wind & Willow Home

July 30, 2012

Today I have a really cool collection of housewares to share with you: Dipped line from Wind & Willow Home. All of their items are handmade, so every piece is unique and also the dipped portion may vary a little bit. The wood is left natural and the colored part is a soft rubbery plastic, so that all items are durable and non-slip. The collection includes gorgeous wooden bowls, spoons, treasure pots and candle cups in modern neon colors and also in lovely pastel shades.



To see (and buy) Wind & Willow Home beautiful Dipped line housewares visit their website, shop and Etsy shop!


//images Wind & Willow Home//




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