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Monochrome with wood and green plants

May 26, 2015

Scandinavian living room. White walls, white sofa, String shelf. from Decordots blog

White nordic living room details, green plants, String shelf

Scandinavian style decoration inspiration from Decordots blog


I love the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian style and the combination of black, white, grey with wood and green plants. So I have tried to bring that look also to our living room. That’s how my favorite corner of our living room looks like on good days (you’re right, I won’t show you how it looks on those not so good days when everything is a big mess … ). Sometimes when I saw some perfect interior decorated in soft muted hues and neutrals I start to think about redecorating, but then again I fell in love with this crisp white look we have in our living room right now.


Styling and photos by me

All white living

March 18, 2015


All white kitchen with a kitchen island

all white kitchen, kitchen island, marble worktop

white kitchen, marble worktop

Scandinavian apartment. monochrome interior

monochrome interior, concrete side table

workspace. Bestlite lamp


As a contrast to the previous post of black kitchen, here is one gorgeous apartment in Gothenburg with all white kitchen. Typing it while the low and bright spring sun is pouring in from my windows I can only imagine how bright this space feels when the sun is shining – white walls, white cabinets, white painted floors and big windows! Maybe not the most practical choices for everyday life, but definitely looks fabulous on the photos. This apartment has a nice round built-in office corner with a iconic Jacobsen Series 7 swivel chair and Bestlite table lamp.

// photos from Alvhem, styled by Sarah Widman //

My home | The kitchen island

February 4, 2015

white kitchen with a kitchen island

white nordic kitchen with a sloped ceiling

nordic kitchen inspiration, simple kitchen shelves


I have shared some snapshots of my kitchen before in Instagram, but I think it’s the first time I show you my kitchen island here. So this is probably the right time to give you also a little bit background information about our kitchen.

As you can already see from the photos, our kitchen is quite small and it has a sloped ceiling. It’s an open kitchen – it’s in one end of elongated room with sloped ceilings (so it’s high in the center of the room, but quite low towards the ends). Not the ideal setting for a kitchen, but trust me, the version how it was planned when we first saw the project of our future apartment was even worse: the kitchen was in a separate room and it was only 8 square meters… not my idea of a dream kitchen either. Fortunately we bought our apartment in the state where it was possible to make changes in the project, so we moved the kitchen out from this tiny cubicle. The quite low sloped ceiling made planning of the kitchen more difficult and at the beginning we weren’t quite sure how to fit everything in. The kitchen island  was a good solution here and with that we have everything in frequent use in this part of the kitchen where the height of the ceiling is enough even for a taller person than me.

We have lived in our apartment for 4 years now and I can say that the choices we made when planning our kitchen were right as it’s really comfortable to cook in here and everything is within a good reach. I must admit that my visual taste has evolved over these years and there are things I’d to differently if I’d start fresh, but taken all together I’m pretty happy with our kitchen!




Airy and light-filled Scandinavian apartment

November 6, 2014

Scandinavian apartment with large windows

light filled Scandinavian living room

black and white

Scandinavian apartment with lots of daylight



Playtype poster, House Doctor bag


This light-filled two level apartment is definitely my favorite find of this week. High ceilings and large windows make the space look airy and bigger than it actually is (62 square meters). And should I say that I just love the calm and neutral color palette used to decorate this apartment or you already know it? :)


// photos from Stadshem //

White walls + white furniture

July 14, 2014

white living room. picture wall inspiration. from Strawberry dreams blog

Black and white living room. Annaleenas hem

White wall + white couch. Elisabeth Heier

white wall + white couch + white hay tray side table. from trendenser.se

white wall + white couch. from Ollie and Sebs house

White living room, House Doctor DIY lamp. from Helt Enkelt


For today’s post I’ve chosen examples of interiors where white furniture is put against the white wall. And there’s a personal reason for this. Maybe you remember that I’ve talked long about painting our living room wall in some shade of grey. Well, it seems that it won’t be grey after all! I had already chosen two beautiful shades of grey and couldn’t decide which one to use, when I felt that I would like to have a living room with all bright white walls. And now after two days of painting (had to apply 4 coats of paint to cover the darker colour we had) I have bright white walls! And a total mess as all the stuff is placed in the center of the room. Since we have a white couch I wasn’t sure how it would go with white wall in the background (grey wall would have been a nice contrast…) and that’s why I collected some gorgeous examples of this combo to convince myself that it will look nice! :)


photos // 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 //

Bedroom love

June 24, 2014

White bedroom, textures. Styling by Studio Oink


This bedroom styled by Studio Oink took me from the very first sight – I love the all white color scheme, I love the herringbone floor, I love the rich textures and I love the soft and cozy feeling it has! Gorgeous!


// photo from Studio Oink portfolio via Unfinished home //

Today’s favourite: White space with black and brown details

January 16, 2014

white interior with black details, colorful carpet and tanned leather swan chair

This here is a great example of an interior looking warm and interesting despite having white walls, white floor and white ceiling. Black details in this room add contrast and tanned leather Arne Jacobsen Swan chairs warm it up a bit. And the white floor makes colors and the pattern of the carpet to really pop out!


See siin on hea näide sellest, kuidas üks ruum tundub soe ja huvitav hoolimata sellest, et lagi, põrand ja seinad on värvitud ühtlaselt säravvalgeks. Mustad detailid lisavad kontrasti ning pruun nahk katmas Arne Jacobseni Swan toole muudab üldpildi soojemaks. Muidugi ei saa mainimata jätta ka pildi nurgast paistvat värvilist vaipa, mis valgel põrandal väga ilusti esile tuleb!

// photo from Bukovskis, seen on Coco Lapine Design //

How to bring more daylight to interiors

November 29, 2013

Last time I shared photos of cozy apartment to show you how good lightning can make a real difference in interiors. Today it’s all about light again, this time natural daylight. Afterall, it’s the darkest time of the year right know here where I live, so I think it is perfect time for posts about light, right?

Since we have long dark winter here in northern hemisphere, the use of natural sunlight is considered very important in Scandinavian homes. There are many ways one can get the most out of available natural daylight and I’ll list some of those below.

1. White walls. Because it reflects light so well, white is the wall color of choice. Besides, it looks fantastic with wood and is ideal backdrop for different colors and patterns.

beautiful Scandinavian living room

all white dining nook

creative home office with gorgeous light

2. Light flooring. Like white walls it reflects light and makes interiors brighter. White or almost white floors are very common in Scandinavian homes.

white wall and white floor

white Scandinavian living room from Elisabeth Heier

white bedroom and geometrical ferm living cushions

3. Large windows. Large windows allow the natural light to pour in. It’s common that those large windows don’t have any curtains or blinds either. You can consider yourself lucky if you live in an apartment or house with large windows so that you can make most of the available daylight. If your home has currently windows that you think are too small and you are planning some renovations in the future you may want to consider changing your windows for bigger ones. If you are interested in replacing your windows consult with your local professional team, for example one like Mentor Window and Door.


large windows. white modern kitchen with pops of yellow

beautiful light in Scandinavian home

black and white and bright living room

 4. Roof windows, suntunnels. These complement the traditional windows and add interesting light effects. Roof windows can bring light also to the rooms with no vertical outer walls. Like for traditional windows you may want to have blinds for roof windows for those hot sunny days. VELUX®, for example, has many beautiful blinds in their product range that would be perfect fit for Scandinavian style interiors. You can check out the collection in VELUX web shop.

beautiful kitchen with skylights bathroom with skylights

skylights in bathroom. grey and white and raw wood

 I hope this post made your day a bit lighter and I’m really hoping it will be snowing soon so that everything would turn from muddy and grey into bright and white!


// images from 1. SignePling 2. Sofia Landin 3. 101 Woonideeen 4. Annaleenas Hem 5. Elisabeth Heier 6. Ferm Living 7. Petra Bindel 8. Bo-Bedre 9. Residence 10. Lantliv 11. and 12. VELUX 13. Elisabeth Heier //


Disclosure: This post contains sponsored links.


White, white, white!

July 12, 2013

ikea inspiration, white and light wood

all white living room. Eco white, Borge

white inspiration. Petra Bindel

white still life. linda lundgren

These images say it all – I just love white!

Have a happy weekend!


// images 1. IKEA livet hemma 2. Borge 3. Petra Bindel 4. Linda Lundgren //

Open, bright and minimalistic apartment

March 19, 2013

I hope your week has had a great start, mine has been quite busy so far – I’m taking some interior design classes right now and we have a lot of homework to do! :) Besides that there is another Big Project going on in my life right now (I think it deserves an extra-post somewhere in the near future), so I hope you don’t mind if you have to wait new posts a little bit longer ;)

Today’s eye candy is the home of two ballet dancers (yet another creative people with a fabulous home!). The large open-plan space is divided into kitchen, dining and living room area so that the overall look remains simple and minimal. I like how the wooden furniture brings a life into the white space… One great example is the wooden dining table on the background of white modern kitchen (second picture) – perfect combination!

open space living and dining room

minimal and modern white kitchen.

black and white details, white kitchn

details in minimalistic living room

very simple bedroom in grey and white

blackboard paint on a door

// images from Bolig Magasinet, photos Karina Tengberg //

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