Two looks of a small kitchen with amazing open shelving

February 3, 2016

Small white kitchen with a wall of cube box open shelving

timber box open shelving in nordic kitchen

box shelves in kitchen for ceramics and glassware

white kitchen with black wall and big open shelf

white open shelving in kitchen. cube box shelf.

open shelves in the kitchen


This little kitchen is an amazing example of how a few little changes can transform the whole space completely. Interior stylist Mette Helena Rasmussen wanted to update the kitchen in her Copenhagen apartment, but couldn’t decide whether to go for an all-white kitchen or a black and more daring look. Finally she decided to have white classic kitchen cabinets and try the other look by using black paint on the wall. Both versions look great, don’t you think? I really love this timber cube box open shelving – maybe not so practical, but great for showing your kitchen treasures that you don’t want to hide behind the doors.


//styling Mette Helena Rasmussen, photography Tia Borgsmidt. Found from Insideout via My Paradissi //

Beautiful in its simplicity – VIKTIGT from IKEA

January 27, 2016

IKEA VIKTIGT glassware

IKEA VIKTIGT water bottle. To be released in May

New IKEA VIKTIGT glassware

IKEA new collection from Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Råman

Black ceramics from IKEA new VIKTIGT range

Simple black ceramics from IKEA VIKTIGT collection

IKEA VIKTIGT white glass ceramics

Simple white ceramics from IKEA VIKTIGT collection

IKEA VIKTIGT collection

IKEA VIKTIGT collection bamboo baskets

from new collection called VIKTIGT from IKEA

IKEA VIKTIGT rattan chair

New chair from IKEA VIKTIGT collection


IKEA is launching a new collection called VIKTIGT in this May and deciding on what can be seen from the sneak peek it is a truly beautiful collection that will be at least as popular as their SINNERLIG collection currently is. Created in collaboration with Swedish glass and ceramic designer Ingegerd Råman, this discreet collection ranges from handmade glassware to furniture and home accessories woven from natural fibers. Simple stylish shapes, pure natural materials and items that are produced by hand – all that makes this collection quite perfect to  me!


// IKEA press photos //



Fresh and clean with some blue details

January 26, 2016

finnish apartment. laura seppänen, pauliina salonen

cupboard styling. laura seppanen pauliina salonen avotakka3

silke bonde print. styling laura seppanen pauliina salonen

white modern Scandinavian kitchen. laura seppanen pauliina salonen

dining corner with hints of blue. laura seppanen pauliina salonen

kitchen details with blue. laura seppanen pauliina salonen

bedroom styling. laura seppanen pauliina salonen
This two-room apartment in Finland Helsinki has a clean and fresh Scandinavian style with a hint of romantic vibes. Some vintage items together with newer Scandinavian design creates cozy feeling,  the use of soft wooden tones and graphic patterns on the fabrics makes the interior playful and lively. Residents love for blue color is clearly seen throughout the whole apartment.


// styled by Laura Seppänen (for more inspiration see her Instagram and Facebook), photographed by Pauliina Salonen //


Beautiful bedside

January 25, 2016

bedside styling inspiration

I know it’s a second post about bedroom in a row (which may indicate that I need a little more sleep…), but I can’t help myself. Love this bedside styling I found today – black and white and neutral color scheme with beautiful details. This kind of box shelf is a great alternative for traditional bedside tables when you don’t have room for them or just want something different.


// styling Grey Deco, photography Jonas Berg, photo from Stadshem //



Winter light in my bedroom

January 23, 2016

Monochrome Scandinavian bedroom. Black, white, grey, wood

on my bedside table

bedroom inspiration. Icelandic sheepskin, bedside styling


A few photos from my bedroom some days ago. Love the light coming in from the window, snow outside makes it really beautiful.

Have a relaxing and cozy weekend!


Scandinavian minimalism by Annaleena

January 20, 2016

Minimalist Scandinavian living room of Annaleena Leino Karlsson

modern and minimalist living room of Annaleena Leino Karlsson


I have enjoyed following Annaleena Leino Karlsson on Instagram for a long time and from the moment she told about building the new house I knew that it will be a stunner. And I didn’t have to disappoint – today she posted first photos of her new home on her blog and of course I had to share those. Scandinavian minimalism in its perfection! Now I’m impatiently waiting the see the other rooms in this house! Sneak peeks can be seen on her Instagram feed.


// photos from Annaleena Leino Karlsson //

Contrasting minimalist kitchen cabinets

January 18, 2016

minimalist dark wooden kitchen

black kitchen cabinets in white interior


These minimalist dark wooden kitchen cabinets create beautiful contrast in this otherwise white kitchen. Large windows let in plenty of daylight which is reflected on white walls and light wooden floor so that the dark cabinetry doesn’t feel too heavy in this interior.


// photos from Bo-Bedre, by Mikkel Adsbøl //

Lotta Agaton for String Furniture

January 14, 2016

String shelves in bathroom styled by Lotta Agaton

String Plex for bathroom. Styling Lotta Agaton

String furniture in open plan workspace styled by Lotta Agaton

String furniture

Lotta Agaton for String furniture

String shelf, black on black

String shelf, moody black

String shelves styling from Lotta Agaton

String shelf styling from Lotta Agaton


It’s no secret that I admire Lotta Agaton’s styling and I’m really excited if something new is coming up from her. This time it’s her work for String Furniture 2016 catalogue. Perfect!

And it seems from the photos that there are little lovely containers to hang on your String side panels soon coming out – perfect for storing little knick knacks if you happen to have a String shelf in your kitchen, workspace or bathroom!

// styling Lotta Agaton, photography Marcus Lawett //

House Doctor Everyday 2016 | Authentic notes

January 12, 2016

House Doctor for Nordic living room with ethnic vibes

Dining room setting from House Doctor 2016 catalogue

House Doctor 2016

House Doctor Authentic Notes collection

House Doctor new cupboards

House Doctor

House Doctor 2016 collection

Workspace with industrial touch, from House Doctor

Minimalist bedroom from House Doctor

House Doctor kitchen stuff

House Doctor kitchen accessories
A new collection from danish House Doctor is now online and this year it’s called Authentic Notes. The emphasis of this collection is on outdoors and how to make it an extension of our homes. Be it spontaneous gatherings on the terrace, quality time in the garden or enjoying dinner under the stars…

The collection embraces materials and textures with an authentic look and uses mostly light and airy hues to enhance natural light.

The whole catalogue can be found here.


// photos from House Doctor //

Shades of grey | IKEA NORSBORG sofa

January 11, 2016

Nordic living room. Grey and natural materials. IKEA NORSBORG sofa

shades of grey, seagrass and cork.



Beautiful living room styling using different shades of grey and natural materials like wood, sea grass and cork. The center piece in this room is new IKEA sofa NORSBORG, but you can find alo many items from their SINNERLIG collection, like the rug, table lamp, cushion covers and cork coffee table.


// photos from IKEA Livet Hemma, styling Anna Lenskog Belfrage, photography Ragnar Ómarsson //

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