Christmas inspiration from Broste Copenhagen

November 27, 2015

Christmas decor ideas from Broste Copenhagen

Christmas decorations from Broste Copenhagen

Christmas inspiration from Broste Copenhagen


Love this subtle and natural Christmas mood from Broste Copenhagen.

In early October I planned to start decorating for Christmas earlier this year, but it’s already almost the first advent and I don’t have nothing planned yet. The only thing I know is that I want to take it easy and make only a few subtle decorations and definitely bring a little tree inside when getting closer to Christmas.


// Images from Broste Copenhagen, photography Line T. Klein, styling Marie Gravnbøl //


Apartment with romantic touches and gorgeous picture wall

November 16, 2015

Living room picture wall

living room with beautiful gallery wall


cozy Scandinavian living room

Piano, Paolo Roversiand a vintage chair

white kitchen with patterned tiles

big kitchen, dining table and Thonet chairs

dining room with Thonet chairs and pop art

bedroom with vintage painting

bedroom with cozy little balcony

bedroom in a mirror


I thought to start this post with sending my deepest condolence to all of those out there who were affected by the horrible things happened in Paris last Friday, but then I started to think how to say that and realized that instead of the phrase “to all of those out there who were affected” I should use “to all lovely people out there” because we are all affected, just some of us much more closely than others… These are the moments that remind us the fragility of life and importance of living in the moment we have. Importance of showing love and caring each time we have a chance, because only that way we can balance evilness and hate that tries to raise its head over peace and love…

As for the photos above, these are from a two room apartment sale on Swedish Entrance Makleri site. I was taken by the beautiful monochrome art wall in the living room where photos, art prints and a big painting are mixed together to create a focal point in the room.


// photos from Entrance Makleri, photography by Jonas Berg //

Natural simplicity in a new apartment near Stockholm

November 11, 2015

Scandinavian style kitchen + dining. Gervasoni chairs and Normann Copenhagen Bell pendant

Little fig tree and Ilse Crawford jug

kitchen details

Natural and calm living room

Living room details. Rattan, linen, wool, greens

Living room with white and grey base

Small kids room

Bathroom detials

Grey bedroom with linen bedding

Bedroom. Grey wall, grey lienn bedding


This new 3 room apartment in a small town near Stockholm is a beautiful example of natural and simple Scandinavian interior design. It’s decorated in calm tones: white and grey base with blue and green details. Some oak wood and rattan pieces together with linen and woolen textiles are timeless and add texture and warmth. Love the combination of white simple kitchen cabinets, modern Normann Copenhagen Bell pendant and timeless Gervasoni oak wood Gray chairs. The overall look feels cozy and welcoming, which is sometimes hard to achieve in a new built apartment.


// styling Marie Ramse, photos Sara Danielsson, from Hitta Hem //

Cosy vibes in a small Scandinavian style apartment

November 5, 2015

Scandinavian style one room apartment

Cosy nordic living room

Living room combined with bedroom

Cosy bedroom with a window

Small Scandinavian apartment

on a window sill

Small white kitchen wth dining nook

Small dining corner

kitchen still life

Small Scandinavian style apartment


This beautiful small (37 sqm) apartment found from Stadshem is styled in cosy Scandinavian style and despite the small space available everything needed for comfortable living has perfectly found its place: living room corner, bedroom, dining corner and storage. Lovely mix of different textiles and natural materials gives the apartment cosy feeling and since the colour palette is kept muted and neutral everything looks really nice and balanced together.

For more inspiration of how to decorate small spaces take a look here, here and here.


// styling Emma Fischer, photography Janne Olander, from Stadshem //

My Instagram | October

November 2, 2015

Cozy Scandinavian monochrome bedroom

Coffee table styling

kitchen details

workspace details

Monochrome living room, String shelf


Some photos from my Instagram feed from October to say hello to a new month. So hello November!

IKEA hack | VITTSJÖ table

October 30, 2015

IKEA hack Vittsjö tables

IKEA Vittsjö tables hack

IKEA Vittsjö table with a tile top as a bedsode table
I love good IKEA hacks and this is certainly one of them! Two sets of IKEA VITTSJÖ nesting tables have turned into a minimalist storage shelf for living room and two bedside tables for bedroom. To change the look tables glass panel tops have been changes for tile ones – easy and affordable way to add some trendy marble or concrete looking materials into your space. New table tops are attached to place with adhesive pads that come with VITTSJÖ tables. Really easy!


// photos from IKEA Livet Hemma; styling Pella Hedeby, photography Sara Medina Lind //


From my living room

October 20, 2015

Monochrome Scandinavian living room

Living room details. Cooee vases, Lyngby vase and Normann Copenhagen Nocto candle holder

Cooee design ball vases


My living room has got some little updates recently that have changed quite much how it looks. First, I finally decided on the picture wall arrangement so there is more than one frame hanging behind our sofa now. (I will dedicate a special post for it somewhere in the near future.) Second, I painted our round wooden coffee table white and it transformed the whole look of the room. We have wooden flooring, so there is still plenty of wood in our living room to add some warmth and I love how the white table goes with our white sofa. On the coffee table there are my new favorite ball vases from Swedish Cooee design – I really like their simple round form, matte colors and as a bonus they feel soft like velvet to touch! And one can never have too much candle holders – Nocto candlestick from Normann Copenhagen is a new addition to my collection.


// styling and photos by me //



Styling perfection by Josefin Hååg

October 13, 2015

Beautiful Scandinavian apartment styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Kitchen, grey and concrete. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Kitchen still life. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Dining room, gallery wall. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Details. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Living room, tan leather Safari chair. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson

Cozy Scandinaian living room. Styled by Josefin Hååg photographed by Krisofer Johnsson


This beautiful and cozy apartment belonging to Marie and Martin Anker Svensson was styled by Josefin Hååg and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson for Residence magazine. Love how welcoming and cozy it feels – Josefin has again done an amazing job with styling! It’s located in a new Biografen building in Stockholm, but looking those photos it feels so lived-in and has many layers of details that new homes sometimes lack. Just perfect. I wish I had an access to Residence magazine to see more.


//photos from Krisofer Johnsson //

My Instagram | September

October 1, 2015




watermelon and grapes


Moments from my Instagram feed this September. Welcome October, crisp mornings and lots of colourful leaves!


// photos from my Instagram //


Kitchen inspo and sleep regression

September 27, 2015

Blue kitchen, Thonet chairs
It’s been a little bit quiet over here lately. And I’m afraid it will be quiet also for some days to come. Little Oskar is having something that looks a lot like 4 months sleep regression – those of you who have kids probably know what it is… Basically, my good sleeper who slept 8 or 9 hours without waking and feeding (yes, I was lucky!!) has started to wake quite often at night and has trouble with going down to nap (and staying asleep) during daytime. So I’m pretty sleep deprived these days and my to do list is already really long! It doesn’t help that our home will be photographed for a local home decor magazine next week, so there is actually pretty many things I need to find time for.  Wish me luck! :)

This beautiful kitchen with dark blue cabinets is from a renovated weekend getaway in Australia found from Inside Out magazine. Love the combination of white, blue and wood and contrasting black Thonet chairs around the dining table.  Light grey Caravaggio pendant from Lightyears above the sink is a beautiful statement piece that stands out on white background.
// photo from Inside Out magazine, photography Eve Wilson, styling Jacqui Moore//

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