All white living

March 18, 2015


All white kitchen with a kitchen island

all white kitchen, kitchen island, marble worktop

white kitchen, marble worktop

Scandinavian apartment. monochrome interior

monochrome interior, concrete side table

workspace. Bestlite lamp


As a contrast to the previous post of black kitchen, here is one gorgeous apartment in Gothenburg with all white kitchen. Typing it while the low and bright spring sun is pouring in from my windows I can only imagine how bright this space feels when the sun is shining – white walls, white cabinets, white painted floors and big windows! Maybe not the most practical choices for everyday life, but definitely looks fabulous on the photos. This apartment has a nice round built-in office corner with a iconic Jacobsen Series 7 swivel chair and Bestlite table lamp.

// photos from Alvhem, styled by Sarah Widman //

Black kitchen with a view

March 16, 2015


black kitchen with big windows


Love that black minimalist kitchen with huge windows. The great view from the windows and green plants on the kitchen counter diminish the border between outdoors and indoors. The window seat in the corner and the fireplace are also nice additions in this kitchen space.


//photo from Femina //



It’s all in details

March 13, 2015

vintage finds, brass pendant

Borastapeter wallpaper, brass and black details
Lovely combination of materials, textures and colours! Wishing you all a happy weekend!


// photos from Stadshem //


Currently in our living room

March 10, 2015

Nordic style living room. String shelf, green plants, cushions. from Decordots blog

monochrome Scandinavian living room, String shelf, One Must Dash print, navy blue.  from Decordots blog

String shelf styling inspiration from Decordots blog-3

A few days ago I had time to rearrange the String shelf in our living room and I thought it was a good time to document how our sofa corner currently looks like. I don’t know if it’s because this shelf is almost the only surface in the living room our little one can’t reach, but it tends to clutter up very quickly…

As I thought, the new print from One Must Dash, which was in our bedroom a few weeks ago looks gorgeous also on the living room wall. I plan to add some more prints above the sofa as well to create a picture wall, but knowing myself it will take some time to choose the pieces to display and decide the layout.


P.S. I tend to get a lot of questions about our wall shelving unit through my Instagram account, so for those of you wondering the same thing right now – it’s the String shelf and I got mine from Finnish Design Shop. There are still some days left to the end of their campaign where they offer -15% off from all white String shelving units. I’m tempted to extend our shelf to the floor, but at the same time I know that this free space under the shelf is a really good spot for an occasional side table or stack of IKEA stools as seen on the photos above.

Calligrapher Ylva Skarp’s home

March 6, 2015

Ylva Skarp's living room.

Ylva Skarp's home, living room

Ylva Skarp's home. Raw wooden walls

Ylva Skarp's home. monochrome and wood

Ylva Skarp's home. Dining room, rice paper lamps

Ylva Skarp's home. White kitchen with black walls


Some really nice shots from the home of Swedish calligrapher Ylva Skarp. This place is a perfect mix of different styles (Scandinavian, rustic, industrial, modern), textures and materials, brought beautifully together by monochrome color palette of black, white and grey with lots of raw wood. What makes this home really personal is her artwork that can be seen throughout the interior. For me it’s a perfect example of how to incorporate lots of art into the decor without it feeling too much.

If you want to see how her home looked like two years ago during Christmas time take a look here.


// photography Kristofer Johnsson, featured in Residence magazine //

Slow living coffee moment

March 4, 2015

Slow morning. Hario V60 dripper and Buono kettle

Coffee moment. Hario V60 coffee dripper with glass server and Hario Buono kettle

coffee moment styling


Love everything about these photos styled by Gitte Christensen and captured by Pia Winther. Light, colours, mood, styling – everything is perfect! And of course this good looking Hario V60 ceramic coffee dripper with glass coffee server and stylish Hario Buono kettle currently seen on so many interior and lifestyle photos (and no wonder, it does look pretty!).

Now take some time and enjoy your slow coffee moment… :)


// photography by Pia Winther, styling by Gitte Christensen //

My Instagram | February

March 3, 2015

decordotsblog Instagram feed from February
Here are some of my favorite Instagram snapshots from the last month. March is here and let’s hope it will bring lots of sun and the first warm spring days!


// photos from my Instagram feed //

Susanna Vento for Sato

February 27, 2015

Living room. Susanna Vento for Sato. Tablo table, Jalpaikka rug

Susanna Vento for Sato. Living room, picture wall

Susanna Vento for Sato. dining + living room. Normann Copenhagen Knot chairs

Susanna Vento for Sato.

White modern kitchen. Susanna Vento for Sato

Susanna Vento for Sato. Ferm living kelim rug

Susanna Vento for Sato. Bathroom

Calm bedroom. Susanna Vento for Sato


This is a Sato new built apartment in Helsinki, styled by Susanna Vento together with Pinja Forsman ja Carolinavd. After seeing the glimpses of this apartment via Susanna’s Instagram feed I was looking forward to see the final result and I didn’t have to disappoint! Susanna’s minimal and warm style shines through in every room. She has selected some really nice designer furniture pieces and accessories for this project. To track them down there is a complete list on her website, but as I really loved putting together the ‘get the look’ collage for yesterday’s post, I selected some of my favorite pieces also from this apartment.


Get the look - Susanna Vento for Sato



// 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 //



// photos from Varpunen blog //


White + soft hues + wood

February 26, 2015

living room. soft hues. picture wall

living room. pastels, Hay cusion, rattan basket

soft pastels in bedroom

bedroom. bedside

styling with flowers

white interior with soft hues and wood


This apartment has been seen here and there in the recent days, but since I like how light and soft the combination of white, wood, neutrals and soft pastels feels, I had to share it also. To add something new to it I created a little get-the-look list too.

get the look soft hues and wood



1. Marimekko Ararat cushion cover 2. Monika Petersen Gold Artichoke print 3. Susan bed cover 4. Hay DLM table 5. IKEA Aröd floor lamp 6. Hay Dot cushion 7. IKEA Frosta stool


// photos from Stadshem //

A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose from One Must Dash

February 23, 2015


Scandinavian bedroom, print by One Must Dash. styled by decordots blog

A rose is a rose is a rose print by One Must Dash. from decordots blog

monochrome Nordic bedroom. print by One Must Dash. from decordots blog

Scandinavian, bedroom, details. From decordots blog


Last week I was happy to receive a new print A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose from One Must Dash. I put my eye on this print as soon as it was launched because I really love it’s minimal and delicate look. Right now it found a place in my bedroom, although it fits really well also onto my living room wall – I think it will be shifting from one place to another depending on my mood.

One Must Dash is a collaboration of two Swedish girls creating interior accessories that  celebrate the quirky moments of everyday life. I think that many of you are already familiar with their gorgeous collection (including such iconic prints as Small Talk and The Only Way Is Up), but those of you who are new to this brand I definitely recommend to have a look at their selection here.


Posted in collaboration with One Must Dash. Styling and photos by me.



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