Pella Hedeby’s stunning little house

May 31, 2016

IKEA Voxtorp kitchen, Silestone worktop. Scandinavian style kitchen

White modern kitchen and raw wooden table at Pella Hedeby's

Kitchen details. White IKEA Voxtorp cabinets, Silestone worktop

Inspiring workspace with big storage cupboards


Bathroom with derk charcoal walls

Little house with sliding doors


This little dream house belongs to one of my favourite Swedish stylists Pella Hedeby (whose work I have previously featured many times, for example here, here and here) and it was built to function as a workspace, extra storage room for props (I need that too so badly!) and as a guesthouse. I was really happy when I found a thorough story about that little house today on My Home site as I had followed along the building and decorating process through Pella’s Instagram. I love it’s concrete floors, lime painted walls and minimalist kitchen consisting of IKEA Voxtorp cabinets with Silestone worktops. And of course Pella’s styling which is always so nice.


// styling Pella Hedeby, photography Sara Medina Lind //



Frankie & Frenchie new kids bedding collection

May 27, 2016

Frankie & Frenchie new kids bedding collection Let's Go Exploring

Frankie & Frenchie Bandit Bear bedding

Frankie & Frenchie new kids bedding collection

Frankie & Frenchie Miss Meow bedding

Frankie and Frenchie cushions


Exactly a year ago (really funny coincidence what I found out while already typing this post) I introduced you Frankie & Frenchie – an Australian based brand designing and selling modern and quirky environmental friendly kids bedding. Longer introduction and interview with lovely ladies behind the shop can be found here and you can see Zero to Hero bedding set from their previous collection in my son’s room here.

Frankie & Frenchie has launched a new range of bedding sets, fitted sheets and cushions which complement their monochrome collection with fun and playful characters. Mischievous Miss Meow and buoyant Bandit Bear will add a sense of playfulness and fun to any kids room or nursery and these fun characters are the perfect companion for little ones to explore new things.

Like the previous collection this one too is screen printed using eco-friendly ink on 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. I have to say that I’m really satisfied with our Zero to Hero bedding we got a year ago – it looks still like new (despite it is used almost constantly as it’s my oldest son’s favorite bedding set) and it feels so soft and silky to the skin. Maybe Bandit Bear should move in with us too? :)

Täpselt aasta tagasi (huvitav kokkusattumus, mille avastasin alles siis kui olin juba seda postitust kirjutamas) tutvustasin siin Frankie & Frenchie‘t. Frankie & Frenchie on Austraalia päritolu veebipood, mis müüb nende enda disainitud väga lahedat ja skandinaavialiku stiiliga lastetuppa sobivat voodipesu. Pikemat tutvustust neist saate lugeda siit ning siin on postitus meie lastetoast, kus on muu hulgas näha ka nende eelnevasse kollektsiooni kuuluv Zero to Hero voodipesu komplekt. 

Frankie & Frenchie‘l on just välja tulnud uus kollektsioon voodipesu ja lõbusaid patju, millel figureerivad seiklushimulised tegelased Miss Meow ja Bandit Bear. Eriti tore on see, et nagu ka nende varasem kollektsioon on seegi trükitud kasutades vaid keskkonnasõbralikke riidevärve ning kogu sari on tehtud 100% GOTS sertifitseeritud orgaanilisest puuvillast. Pean mainima, et olen meie Zero to Hero voodipesu komplektiga väga rahul – see näeb hoolimata peaaegu igapäevasest kasutusest (tegemist on Tobiase lemmikuga) välja nagu uus ja tundub väga siidine ja naha vastas mõnusalt jahe. Kuigi Austraaliast ostmine on tolli tõttu veidike keerulisem, hakkasin siiski mõtlema, et äkki peaks Bandiit-Karu Oskarile sõbraks kutsuma :)


// photos from Frankie & Frenchie //



Inspiration for creating modern Scandinavian style workspace

May 19, 2016

Office inspiration. Styling and photos Riikka Kantikoski

Finnish Design Shop 24:7 table, Muuto Fiber chairs. Styling and photos Riikka Kantikoski

Finnish Design Shop 24:7 collection cupboard, Siro chair by Woodnotes and Marimekko Urna vase. Styling and photo Riikka Kantikoski

White modern office space. Styling and photos Riikka Kantikoski

Finnish Design Shop new 24:7 collection. Styling and photography Riikka Kantikoski

Marimekko Ming vase. Styling and photos Riikka Kantikoski

White shelf with wheels from Finnish Design Shop 24:7 collection. Styling and photos Riikka Kantikoski


These photos styled by Riikka Kantikoski for Finnish Design Shop new 24/7 collection are perfect inspiration of how to create modern and stylish Scandinavian style workspace in home or office. 24/7 is a new office furniture collection consisting of functional and good looking pieces for workspaces that look good together and with its simple and minimalist design are easy to complement with other furniture and accessories. This workspace is a good example of what a good styling and well chosen details can do – otherwise quite sterile and ordinary office transforms into inspiring and stylish workspace.

See (kodu)kontor on hea näide sellest, kuidas muidu suhteliselt steriilne ja tavaline ruum muutub stiilseks ja isikupäraseks kui lisada sellele põnevaid aksessuaare ja mõned huvitavad disaintoolid. Kujundatud ühe mu lemmik stilisti Riikka Kantikoski poolt Finnish Design Shop‘i uue 24/7 kollektsiooni tutvustamiseks. 24/7 kollektsioonis on erinevaid funktsionaalseid ja minimalistliku joonega töökohtade jaoks mõeldud mööblitükke, mis oma lihtsuses on väga kergesti kombineeritavad ja täiendatavad. 


// styling and photography Riikka Kantikoski //

Light greige walls and styling love

May 17, 2016

light grey wall, shapes

interior details, styling, light greige wall color

greige wall color, dark charcoal linen, Menu lamp and walltable


This beautiful warm grey-beige (greige) wall color combined with nice styling caught my eye today. It’s a little bit scary that I tend to like interiors with greige walls just a little too much lately – I hope I won’t start thinking about changing wall color in our home…  Too much going on even without it! (As you may guess from the frequency of posts lately…)

Some things on the photos:

Sofa is Salton from Sofacompany, the lamp beside it is Rope Trick from Wrong for Hay.

The trolley is from Domo Design, lamp attached is Noc light from Wrong for Hay, print above the trolley is from Printler.

Bedside table is Menu Yeh wall table, lamp hanging on the wall is versatile Menu Bollard lamp, similar dark grey or black linen bedding can be found from H&M Home collection.


Skandinaavia stiilis interjöörides on viimasel ajal üha trendikamaks muutumas soojemates hallides ja hallikas-beežides toonides seinad. Greige on nende toonide ühine nimetaja inglise keeles. Aeg-ajalt taban ennast mõttelt, et oleks huvitav ka oma kodus veidike seinavärviga eksperimenteerida, kuid arvestades mu niigi tihedaid ja sageli unetundidesse sissesõitvaid päevi ei ole see vist hetkel väga hea mõte… 

Spikerdamiseks piltidelt: 

Diivan on Sofacompany Salton, lamp diivani kõrval on Wrong for Hay Rope Trick

Serveerimislaud on Domo Design, sellele kinnituv lamp on Wrong for Hay Noc light, pilt seinal on Printler kollektsioonist.

Lauake voodi kõrval on Menu Yeh wall table, seinal rippuv lamp on Menu Bollard lamp, sarnast tumedat linast voodipesu võib leida H&M Home kollektsioonist (kahjuks nende eesti e-poes hetkel ei tundu saadaval olevat).


// Styling by team Evalotta Sundling, Sarah Widman, Elin Kicken, photographed by Cimek for Alvhem Makleri //




Top 4 trends in Scandinavian interiors

May 7, 2016

Top 4 trends in Scandinavian interiors. Photo Kristofer Johnson, styling Elin Kicken and Eva-Lotta Sundling

Top 4 trends in Scandinavian style interiors right now

Top 4 trends in Scandinavian interiors

Top trends in Scandinavian interior design

Top trends in Scandinavian interiors

Top 4 trends in Scandinavian interior design


I tried hard not to post these pictures here as they have been doing rounds in blogosphere during the last days and I may be the last one posting them… But I couldn’t resist so here they are.

These images are from the collaboration between Swedish Residence Magazine and housing company Riksbyggen styled by Elin Kickén and Evalotta Sundlig and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson. Capturing the top 4 trends in Scandinavian interior design right now that according to the original article are sustainability, structure and colour, elegance, personal and  unique style. High quality and locally made furniture which has as little impact as possible on the environment is preferred while decorating as are handcrafted and unique accessories. Instead of bright white spaces we see more and more interiors decorated in different types of beige and rusty tones mixed with simple colors like black and white. Warm hues, tone on tone, are trending right now. Matte and structured chalk paint adds texture to the walls. Simple and elegant stye which is grown up and timeless.

More to see here.

Norsu Interiors 2016 collection

April 29, 2016

Norsu interiors 2016 collection 7

Norsu interiors 2016 collection 4

Norsu interiors 2016 collection 5

Norsu interiors 2016 collection 6

Norsu interiors 2016 collection 2

Norsu interiors 2016 collection 1


Beautiful photos of norsu interiors 2016 collection campaign styled by talented Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser and photographed by Lisa Cohen.

Images show different interior spaces in norsu‘s signature pastel colour palette, styled with the boutique’s carefully curated collection of Nordic homewares and diverse range of art prints. The collection also features several images shot in a Scandinavian ‘boho luxe’ style, reflecting a new direction norsu is taking since announcing their partnership with iconic Swedish design-house Love Warriors of Sweden earlier this year.

The release of this collection coincides with the opening of their second Melbourne retail store in Hawthorn next month which will compliment their existing Malvern East store by providing a space to showcase furniture, rugs and art within a styled insitu environment.


// images from norsu interiors //

News from Muuto

April 26, 2016


News from Muuto landed today into my inbox and three great new products are soon available.

Control is a new minimalistic lamp with strong references to both original Hi-Fi equipment and industrial control panels. The light is switched on and off with a heavy click by turning the solid but elegant knob, which also regulates the bulbs intensity. The small size of the lamp allows it to fit in where other lamps do not: on narrow windowsills, in tightly-packed bookshelves and on small bedside tables.

Framed is a series of colored glass mirrors designed by the prominent Norwegian design company Anderssen & Voll, who took the approach of giving new perspective to the conservative mirror.

Ply is a new woolen rug with timeless design. Ply comes in five color combinations and in three sizes with finishing tassels in the corners.



Silke Bonde Under Water collection

April 22, 2016

Silke Bonde Under Water collection. Styling Decordots

Silke Bonde watercolor artprint styled by Decordots

Silke Bonde watercolor print, ceramics, branches. Styling by Decordots

Copenhagen-based artist Silke Bonde has released new watercolor collection Under Water consisting of three art prints Melt, Stripe and Dot. The collection was inspired by diving trips where she fell in love with the beautiful new world she met beneath the surface. She says “The new “Under water collection” is inspired by the shapes, patterns and structures you find under the sea. They are all made with watercolours to reflect the organic shapes and the floating life. When you dive under the surface the red colour is the first one to disappear. The blue is the last one.”

I’m lucky to have one of these beautiful art prints and I must admit that I fell in love with it as soon as I received it. The shades used are really pretty and it brings lovely spring vibe into my otherwise quite monochrome home.


Styling and photos by me.

Posted in collaboration with Silke Bonde.


Super chunky wool blanket from Ohhio

April 18, 2016

Scandinavian bedroom, super chunky wool blanket from Ohhio. Photo Decordots

Cozy Scandinavian style bedroom with super chunky dark grey banket from Ohhio. Photo Decordots

Simple and light bedroom styling. Chunky knit blanket from Ohhio. Photo Decordots

Super chunky merino wool blanket from Ohhio. Photo Decordots

Scandinavian living room. Ohhio super chunky knit blanket. Photo Decordots

Monochrome living room, cozy chunky throw from Ohhio

Chunky wool blanket by Ohhio. Photo Decordots


I have always loved chunky knits, both as clothing pieces and as  interior accessories, so I am really happy owning one now from Ohhio.
Ohhio is an Ukraine-based design studio focused on creating hand-made goods for customers who value individuality, honest materials and high quality. The idea behind Ohhio was born when its founder Ukrainian designer Anna Marinenko found herself confronted with a spool of gigantically thick wool. She wanted to make something out of it, but as she didn’t have suitable knitting needles for that task she started knitting with her bare hands. The result was a blanket with gigantic stitches and as she loved its aesthetic so much she ordered more wool. Today all Ohhio pieces are hand knitted with bare hands.

Ohhio has been highly inspired by Nordic culture and lifestyle. Products made by hand from honest and natural material – Australian merino wool – are perfectly in accordance with the concept of slow living and their simple, clean and laconic designs reflect the love for minimalism.

Needless to say, I really love my Ohhio blanket –  it’s luxuriously soft and warm to sit on or wrap around. With its over-sized stitches Ohhio blankets add so much texture wherever used for decorating. It is definitely a statement piece and perfect for creating warm and cozy feeling in a room. In addition to all of that I think that this extreme knit blanket is really photogenic – I love to use it for styling and it looks so good on photos, don’t you agree?


Photos and styling by me.
Posted in collaboration with Ohhio.


East St Kilda House by Meme

April 10, 2016

modern living room with industrial black steel-framed windows

modern interior, white and wood

simple contemporary kitchen. white worktops, wooden cabinets

sleek modern kitchen in white + wood

white modern kitchen, open shelves

modern kitchen, wood and white, black steel-framed door

modern bedroom, natural linen bedding
This stunning contemporary living space East St Kilda House was designed by Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio Meme. Simple clean lines and calm colour palette of whites and greys together with warm wood create a welcoming modern interior. I love those industrial looking black steel-framed windows and doors connecting rooms and framing views to garden. And that kitchen… !


//Photos from Meme portfolio //




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