September 30, 2014






Today I want to introduce you one really lovely online shop THE POSTER CLUB. It’s Copenhagen-based webshop offering a carefully curated selection of posters fitting perfectly into every Scandinavian style interior. They ship internationally and that’s even better – shipping will be completely free if you order 2 or more posters! Their collection includes many of my old and new favorite prints, from example the ones from My Deer, Playtype, Kristina Krogh and Kristina Dam.

To get to know a bit more about THE POSTER CLUB I asked its founder Thomas Nissen some questions which he kindly agreed to answer.
Tell us a little bit of your background.

Before launching THE POSTER CLUB I have worked a couple of years in different marketing related positions and prior to that, owned a clothing store for five years in Copenhagen, selling menswear from high end fashion brands. But design and interiors has always been a passion to me, so when the opportunity came to open up my webshop I had little doubt, that it was the right thing for me to do.

How you came to the idea to launch THE POSTER CLUB?

The idea behind THE POSTER CLUB actually came when I was searching for some posters to our home a year ago. I really had a hard time finding something that I liked and the selection in the different webshops were often either very limited or on the contrary huge with posters of various standards, making it almost impossible to know where to begin. I felt like what I needed, was a shop that brought all the good stuff together for me in one place. And that’s really what I’m trying to do with THE POSTER CLUB.

What are your plans for THE POSTER CLUB?

Well, since we launched, only three months ago, everything has been quite hectic and busy – but in a good way. Coming out on the other side, it is now time to look at some of the many ideas we have to make our shop even better and we expect to implement some really unique features within the next couple of months. Besides that, we continue to add new posters to our selection on a weekly basis, and have a lot of exciting new stuff on its way – especially photo art, which is a trend that is really booming right now. So expect to see much more of that in the near future.

What inspires you?

I spend hours every day browsing interior blogs and magazines, Instagram and Pinterest in search for new posters to the shop and to keep up with the trends. That is by far the biggest source of inspiration to me and it never gets boring. Its simply amazing how many talented people are out there. On a personal level, me being from Denmark, I’m definitely inspired by the minimalistic design that Scandinavia is so well known for, which I guess also shows in the simplicity and “look-and-feel” of my webshop.

What is your advice to someone thinking about launching an (online) business but still in doubt?

If you think you have a good idea, I say go for it. And don’t be afraid if some else is already doing the same. Just do it your own way and try doing it better. There is nothing more satisfying than building something up from the bottom and seeing it grow. But remember to be realistic about it, it takes time for people to get to know you. The good thing about doing business online however, is that you can actually often start out by doing it a long side your normal full time job, just to see the potential of your idea/concept before going all in.


Thank you Thomas for your time, it was so interesting to get to know a bit more about you and THE POSTER CLUB!

P.S! There’s a giveaway running on my Instagram feed where you have a chance to win a Playtype poster of your choice from THE POSTER CLUB’s selection! Hop over here to join in!

From my kitchen | Nicolas Vahé products

September 29, 2014

Nicolas Vahe in my kitchen. from decordots blog


Kitchen stuff from Nicolas Vahe. from decordots blog

Kitchen details, Nicolas Vahe. from Decordots blog


I must have probably said it before that I have a huge crush on Nicolas Vahé products – despite being good their package looks stunning in it’s simple black and white design. These here are some of the new additions to my kitchen stuff. I’m so happy that we have now Nicolas Vahé products available also here in Estonia and I don’t have to order them from far away anymore – thank you lovely Strössel shop for that!

New from Therese Sennerholt

September 26, 2014

Lotta Agaton — Therese Sennerholt

Lotta Agaton for Therese Sennerholt

Styled by Lotta Agaton Therese Sennerholt prints

Therese Sennerholt new prints

Therese Sennerholt

These beautiful photos styled by gorgeous Lotta Agaton and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson feature new prints and cards from Therese Sennerholt’s collection. Love both the simple geometric shapes and typography. And those pastel colours and also the deep blue.


My home | Welcome autumn!

September 24, 2014

autumn on a coffee table. from decordots blog
It was the first day of fall yesterday and somehow the weather knew it – the temperature dropped more than 10 degrees over night and rain together with wind made it all quite uncomfortable. But it’s nice and warm indoors and I brought some colorful leaves from my walk to make the fall present also on my coffee table.

Have a happy autumn everyone! :)

Stylish Nordic apartment in Helsinki

September 23, 2014

living room in a Nordic apartment. Interior design by Minna Jones, photography by Pauliina Salonen

Nordic living room. Interior design by Minna Jones, photography by Pauliina Salonen

Nordic kitchen. Muuto table, Artek chairs. Interior design by Minna Jones, photography by Pauliina Salonen

home office. Interior design by Minna Jones, photography by Pauliina Salonen

kids room. Interior design by Minna Jones, photography by Pauliina Salonen

plywood headboard with Normann Copenhagen Pocket organizers. Interior design by Minna Jones, photography by Pauliina Salonen

bedroom, Menu Kasckasch mirror. Interior design Minna Jones, photography Pauliina Salonen

There are times when I see something online and I know from the first sight that I just have to share it. This beautiful Nordic style apartment is one of those. It’s located in Helsinki Kalasatama district and decorated by Minna Jones (you can see photos of her own home and read an interview with her here) for NCC housing. You can find more info about the furniture and accessories used in this apartment from Minna’s blog.


// images from Time of the aquarius, photography by Pauliina Salonen //


Soft monochrome

September 22, 2014

monochrome Danish home, Flos lamp

monochrome Danish home

dark wooden floors and dark kitchen island

monochrome and brown

a monochrome Danish home

monochrome with hints of brown

vintage furniture and pops of color in a kids room
Hello again! I’m back home from our trip to Southern France with loads of happy emotions and ready to face the cold and rainy weather we have outside.

While trying to catch up with reading my favorite blogs I stumbled upon this lovely monochrome Danish home via Stil inspiration blog. It’s decorated perfectly in monochrome palette (with an exception of kids room), but still feels warm and cozy thanks to the wooden details and shades of grey and hints of brown seen here and there.

// from Femina, photography by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer //

Shop love | norsu interiors

September 15, 2014

norsu interiors -1

norsu interiors -5

norsu interiors -4

norsu interiors -6

norsu interiors -2

norsu interiors -3

norsu interiors -9

norsu interiors -8

norsu interiors -7

norsu interiors -10


My lovely blog friend norsu interiors turned one on 1st September and what would be a better way to celebrate than releasing a gorgeous set of beautifully styled photos featuring their current range of products. Norsu’s selection includes many things high on my wish list (Pia Wallen Cross blanketleather strap hangers from Matilda ClahrIcelandic sheepskins and By Nord bedding just to name a few) and I’m happy to say that they have now added some gorgeous products from danish brand Ferm Living into their selection. For those of you living in Australia I have some really great news today – namely, norsu is opening a new bricks and mortar store in Melbourne in this October! So sad it’s this far away from where I live – I would love to visit this shop as I’m sure it will be as lovely as their online store!


I’m so happy that lovely ladies Nat and Kristy found time to answer also some questions.

Tell us a little bit of your background.
We both come from corporate marketing and communications roles within large multinational organisations. After both having our first children (Lachlan & Annabel) within a month of one another, we were introduced through a local mother’s group. We not only shared the experience of being new mums together, but also discovered a mutual love of all things Scandinavian design related along the way. Not long after returning back to our corporate roles after maternity leave, norsu was born. It provides us with a creative outlet that we were unable to channel in our corporate jobs, while also allowing us to utilise the skills we had gained from 10+ years in those roles. Nat also has an IT degree under her belt which has really come in handy with the website management!

How you came to the idea to launch norsu?
After continuously obsessing over Scandi blogs and interior mags, one common theme emerged – the lack of access that Australian consumers had to purchase beautiful Scandinavian homewares. We were initially going to focus on selling art after an overwhelming amount of feedback received for a piece of Marimekko fabric that was on display in Lachlan’s nursery, but the business concept soon evolved once we realised we couldn’t stop at art!

How do you balance work and family life?
This is very tough at the moment. norsu is growing at a rapid rate, and it is proving difficult for the two of us to keep up with the demand. In addition to norsu, Kristy is only just stepping away from her corporate role at the end of this month, and Nat has recently had her second child, Harvey, which is a full-time job in itself. We tend to take norsu one day at a time, doing what we can, when we can, but always ensuring it doesn’t encroach too heavily on our quality family time. This often means a lot of late night work when our little ones are asleep, to enable us to spend time with them during the day.

What inspires you?
We draw inspiration from many forums, but at the moment, our favourite would have to be Instagram! We love getting to know people from all over the world, and the insights into their lives that Instagram allows us to experience. As we are dealing with designers on the other side of the world, it is not always easy to keep across their new products and collections via traditional means such as magazines or email. With Instagram, we are able to gather this information as quickly as others living in the same city as these designers, and are finding it to be extremely advantageous in keeping a finger on the pulse of emerging trends.

What is your advice to someone thinking about launching an (online) business but still in doubt?
Go for it! If you have a strong passion and a great idea, you really have nothing to lose other than your time. With the amazing software available these days, a website can be very inexpensive to set up, and extremely easy to manage. Keep things simple, and make sure you utilise other online forums such as social media to complement your core platform. Above all, back yourself, and make sure you have some fun along the way… Good luck! :)

Thank you ladies, it was so nice to get to know more of behind the scenes of norsu!


Since I’m currently enjoying my time with family and friends in magnificent Cote d’Azur I won’t post here more during this week. So I wish you a great week and see you already on next Monday! :)


// Styling by Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors, photos by Armelle Habib //

At home with interior designer Laura Seppänen

September 10, 2014

Home of Interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 6

Home of Interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 2

Home of Interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 4

Home of Interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 3

Home of Interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 5

Home of interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 1

Home of interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 8

Home of Interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko 7

Home of Interior designer Laura Seppänen, photographed by Pauliina Salonen for Deko


This is the home of Laura Seppänen, an interior designer and web editor of Finnish home decor magazine Scandinavian Deko. Her white and light apartment with high ceilings and huge windows is located in the center of Helsinki. Laura has decorated her home in Scandinavian style, but with an Asian touch and colorful details.

I’m so happy that Laura kindly agreed to answer some decorating related questions.

Five words what you think the best describe your home?
White, light, classic, relaxed, Scandinavian style with a hint of ethnic vibes.

What is your favourite spot or favourite piece of furniture in your home at the moment?
I would have to say either Acapulco chair or that grey divan in the corner. I usually work from there. I also eat and sleep there. I do everything in there.

What are your favourite places for shopping things for your home? Any favourite webshops?
I usually shop locally here in Helsinki in small design stores. I also travel a lot so I bring souvenirs from other countries. Swedish Artilleriet is probably my favorite web shop.

What is currently on your wish list for your home?
I’m haunting lamps right now: ceiling, wall or floor lamps, I would need all of them. Also Bertoia chair is in the wish list.

What advice would you give to someone who starts decorating and wants to achieve the style similar to that in your home?
Buy things that mean something to you, consider all of the options and always think about the big picture.


Thank you, Laura for taking the time to answer the questions!


For further inspiration visit her website and follow her lovely feed on Instagram!


// photos from Scandinavian Deko, photography by Pauliina Salonen //

A Danish home filled with light and soft colours

September 8, 2014

nordic living room with soft blue walls and white window shutters


colorful wall and display shelving in a Danish home

A Danish home


white kitchen with hardwood floors and wooden worktops

workspace. organised chaos

Danish bedroom with Bestlite wall lamps and pale blue wall.
This Danish home of textile designer and illustrator behind MisseMai, Mia-Louise Mailund Smith is a light-filled and vibrant space full of classic furniture and lovely displays. We are used to see mostly white walls in Nordic homes, but here you can see beautiful soft tones on the walls. The soft colorful background makes the beautiful white shutters of the windows to really stand out. I love the big display shelving in this home and this beautiful and delicate MisseMai Windy autumn tree print on it.


// photography by Martin Solyst, via Inside Out //

My home | On my String shelf

September 5, 2014

String styling from Decordots blog

String shelf styling from Decordots blog

Oak tree with acorn. from Decordots blog


It seems that summer has made a come back during the last days, but this corner on my String shelf where I put this little oak branch with acorn reminds me that actually it’s almost fall. So I try to take what I can from this sunny weather now and store this energy and warmth for colder and darker months ahead…

As it’s Friday (yay!) I wish you all a great weekend with lots of laughter and love :)


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