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August 28, 2014

Iittala Aitio shelves by Varpunen Iittala Aitio shelves on kitchen wall. by Varpunen

Iittala new storage system


Aitio storage boxes and Kerros shelf from Iittala


Iittala has launched a series of small home accessories. The designs include a Kerros shelf, that transforms into a table or a two storey tray and a playful and functional storage system for walls, Aitio. Designed by Cecilie Manz, Aitio boxes can be mounted on the wall where needed, for example next to the door for your keys or on the kitchen wall. Besides walls, the Aitio storage looks good also on table-tops. Kerros shelf, designed by Matti Klenell, on the other hand  creates some extra surface space. 


// photos 1., 2. from Varpunen 3., 4. Iittala //


Scandinavian apartment with a romantic touch

August 26, 2014

Nordic living room

Living room + dining room. Round mirror and stacks of magazines

home office corner

fireplace. little home office

Scandinavian style kitchen

small white square tiles with black grout.

romantic bedroom


Some nice interior styling ideas that caught my eye in this Scandinavian home with a romantic feel:

– the corner of stacked magazines and a round mirror in the living room

– the color palette used for the sitting area – shades of grey with some black and white and soft dusty pink… In love and feels so cozy!

– little white square tiles with black grouts together with steel shelves give this little kitchen nice industrial feeling and character

– the bedroom – it’s cozy and romantic, but not too romantic (if you know what I mean). And its concrete window sill is styled to perfection!


// photos from Stadshem //

Scandinavian apartment with sloped ceiling

August 25, 2014

Scandinavian apartment with sloped ceiling

Scandinavian apartment. White painted wooden floor

Nordic kitchen. White subway tiles with black grout, Flip clock

kitchen details. uashmama paper bad, LA Bruket dishwashing liquid

lovely Scandinavian style kitchen

Nordic living room

Scandinavian lounge corner. Playtype poster, Butterfly chair

sloped ceiling, storage solution. details.


This beautiful Scandinavianapartment caught my eye as soon as I saw it, I think mainly because we have also sloped ceilings in our home and it’s always interesting to see how others have made use of the space under descending ceiling. And this kitchen corner with white subway tiles and black grout together with open shelves is another eye catcher in this home.


// photos from Alvhem mäkleri //


August 22, 2014

monochrome details and a green plant. from Decordots blog

Uashmama paper bag, Catherine Lovatt candle holder. from Decordots blog


Some old and some new things on my bedroom drawer. Cathérine Lovatt candle holder and Uashmama paper bag (both had been on my wish list for ages) are some of my recent buys from lovely Heimeligshop.  Can’t get enough of black and white and green plants combo in my home …

Also, I wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments both here and also on my Instagram feed, this really means a world to me! Have a great weekend! x

Globo from Kähler

August 21, 2014

Globo candle holder by Dorthe Helm for Kähler.

Kähler's new Globo candle holders

New candle holders designed by Dorthe Helm for Kähler. Available also in terracotta color. 


// photos from Kähler //


Shop love | Heimelig shop

August 19, 2014

Catherine Lovatt ceramics from Heimelig shop

Organic cotton waffle blankets. from Heimelig shop

from Heimelig shop.

Tine K Home metal boxes, Ton chair. from Heimelig shop

Black ceramics, String lights, Ton chair from Heimelig shop

Chairs no. 13 and chair no. 40, Ay Illuminate cotton lamp. from Heimelig shop


Today is a happy day for me as I received my long waited package from Heimelig shop and I’m more than satisfied! I’m really impatient to show you my new treasures, but as we just arrived home and I have loads of things to do here before leaving to our country home tonight, this must wait a bit. These beautifully styled photos above feature only some of the gorgeous products you can find from this lovely shop. I think you already imagine how hard it was for me to choose what to take and what to leave… :)


// photos by Sonja Maria Rettensteiner from Heimelig shop //

Kitchen love

August 15, 2014

white Scandinavian kithcen opening to large balcony

white modern kitchen with an industrial touch

details on a windowsill


Sorry for the silence here on last days – we were on a little road-trip and although I hoped to find some time (and wifi!) for posting, the reality was something else! Tomorrow we are leaving again for another short trip around Estonia visiting friends living other parts of the country, so it’s a busy unpacking/packing day for me today. But fortunately I had some free minutes together with coffee and my favorite interior sites and look what I found – this beautiful kitchen! I love that it’s so airy and spacious and that it has so many windows letting sunlight in together with the door opening to a large balcony. Pure bliss!


//photos from Fantastic Frank //


Inspired by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

August 11, 2014

dining room, grey Hay About A Chairs. styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

Berlin print, Hay About A Chair. styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

Bedroom. Grey Mikmax sheets, Mathilda Clahr leather strap hangers.

Workspace with a vintage desk

String shelf styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

workspace styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

white Nordic kitchen styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

beautiful black and white bedroom styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

kitchen styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

Bedroom styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

styling by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design

apartment styled by Sarah from Coco Lapine Design


Happy new week to all of you!

Today I’m so happy to show you some beautiful examples of styling from Sarah Van Peteghem‘s portfolio and also an interview with her! Sarah is a Belgian designer, interior blogger and shop owner living in Berlin. Some time ago she started a collaboration with the real estate agency Fantastik Frank and now I’m so excited every time a new project styled by her is going online. Sarah has also a beautiful blog Coco Lapine Design full of eye candy for Scandinavian style lovers. I’m so happy that Sarah agreed to answer some questions about her work as an interior stylist.

How did it all started? What are the most important milestones in your career?
I did my first project for Fantastic Frank in March and I liked it so much that I just knew this was something I had to explore more. So far I’ve been doing five projects for them, which were each very different from each other. I hope I can do more and more projects in the future for different brands as this is something I’m truly passionate about.

How would you describe your style?
I would say Nordic with a twist. There is a clear minimal and nordic influence in my work, but don’t like to think I’m restricted to that. I try to get inspiration from different angles and I hope this also shows in my work. I can see a clear style in my past work, however I think I’m still exploring and creating my own style. It’s very exciting process.

What inspires you? Where do you go online for inspiration?
I browse a lot of blogs and Pinterest and try not to get lost in it all. I recently started to force myself to think about the pictures I find inspiring (not just pin them for later, like I usually do) and ask myself the question why this picture is interesting: is it the angle, are there certain color combinations that are intriguing or is there a certain product that I just really like? By answering these questions I’m usually inspired and then try to incorporate my findings in my own work as well.

What are currently your favorite products to use for your styling work?
I try to always find new things. In my last styling I used Uashmama paper bags, which were great to give a new look to my plant pots and I decorated the bed with Mikmax textiles. Both of these products ended up looking very nice in the pictures because of their different tints and textures. I also like to use vintage finds, which always make a home look very characteristic and unique.

If there was one piece of advice you would give to aspiring interior stylist, what would it be?
Start styling in your own home and take your own pictures. The second one is probably the most important one as you start looking at products, materials, light and textures with a different point of view (you don’t have to be a good photographer or have a fancy camera, your phone will do in the beginning). This is something that is really helpful when doing styling work. For me, my Instagram is the perfect playground for styling exercises.


Thank you Sarah for sharing your thouhts and let’s hope we see many inspiring projects from you also in the future!


// photos from Coco Lapine Design //

by nord AW2014 collection

August 8, 2014

By Nord AW2014 1

by nord autumn winter 2014 collection

by nord autumn winter 2014

by nord autumn winter 2014 bedding

by nord aw2014

by nord new collection

by nord autumn winter 2014, bedding

by nord autumn winter 2014 collection kitchen stuff

by nord AW2014 kitchen stuff

by nord aw2014 collection. black and white ceramics

by nord aw2014 collection


Beautiful new collection from Danish brand by nord. This new collection surprises with fresh and modern marble and snake skin patterns in addition to their well-known and gorgeous animal photo prints. The color scheme of black, white and grey is softened by subtle ivory and powder tones. Lovely!

As it’s Friday (it’s so easy to lose the track of weekdays when it’s summer!) I wish you all a great and relaxing weekend!


// photos from by nord //

Scandinavian with an industrial touch

August 6, 2014

kitchen with an industrial touch

Scandi style restaurant in an old sawmill

hostel + restaurant in an old sawmill

white interior with green plants

bedroom, white and wood
I love the feeling on these photos taken in an old renovated sawmill which is currently sale via Fantastik Frank. The place which now serves as a hostel, conference centre and restaurant has very stylish interior design with a mix of Scandinavian and industrial style. Looks really inviting!


// photos from Fantastik Frank //


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