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January 6, 2015

House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 1

House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 3

House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 12

House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 2

House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 9

House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 6

House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 11

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House Doctor Everyday 2015 collection 4


One good thing that always comes with the new year is release of many spring/summer collections, so it’s a really exciting time for design lovers! One of the brands who’s new catalogues are always worth to be waiting for is House Doctor and I’m happy to announce that their new Everyday collection is now out. The new catalogue is packed with many very nice products and inspirational photos, take a look at it here!


Happy new year + some inspo

January 5, 2015

I hope you are all well rested and full of energy after long holidays and ready to give a great start to this new year. Since I’m first time here this year I want to take a moment now and wish you all a very happy new year – may it be filled with everything you feel like you are missing in your life right now! :)

As I took a quite long break from the blog during the holidays, today’s post will be a bit longer than usual – I want to share with you one beautiful Nordic apartment I came across during the weekend and also say a proper good bye to the last year by highlighting one of my most favorite posts from each month from 2014. I did something similar last year and I enjoyed looking back to the year and discovering photos I had already forgot. I hope you’ll like it too!

First, one beautiful apartment from Stadshem with lots of bright white paint and lovely details – tanned leather chair, light blue SMEG fridge, reading nook by the window, and combination of rustic wooden table with Thonet chairs and a brass pendant to name just a few things I like about this little home.
Scandinavian living room

white + naturals. tanned leather chair

white and bright interior, Muuto Visu chair in pink

Thonet chairs and rustic table.

Scandinavian kitchen, rustic wooden table, Thonet chairs and brass pendant

kitchen storage

light blue SMEG fridge

reading corner by the window, String shelf



And now some posts from the last year I’d like to highlight:

January: Raw materials and neutral colors in Danish home

raw materials and nautral colors in a Danish home


February: Josefin Hååg’s apartment



March: Box shelves



April: Strap hangers by Mathilda Clahr



May: Inspired by Krista Keltanen



June: Office details | A touch of green



July: From my home | Bedroom



August: At home with Katerina from Only Deco Love



September: From my kitchen | Nicolas Vahé



October: Urban Jungle Bloggers | My plant shelfie




November: Airy and light-filled Scandinavian apartment

black-and-white reading corner



December: Moody colors + lots of wood

I hope you enjoyed this little round up and I’ll do my best to keep up inspiring you also in 2015!

Simple and natural Christmas inspiration

December 10, 2014

Natural Christmas inspo

simple Christmas decor

simple Christmas

natural Christmas styling

natural and simple

natural Christmas

for Christmas


This year I feel like the Christmas is coming closer too fast – can’t believe it’ll be already third advent this Sunday! I don’t know if I could blame the quite warm weather and lack of snow or a bit too busy times I have right now, but I can’t say that I’ve got the right Christmas feeling…  Fortunately I have two more weeks to change that thing :)

These lovely photos I found  during my last session of searching Christmas feeling online (sometimes it helps!) are styled by Emma Wallmén and photographed by Anna Malmberg. Natural and simple, not too christmassy, but cozy enough to plant a little seed of Christmas feeling for me :)


// photos from Anna Malmberg’s blog Northern Delight //


Moody colors + lots of wood

December 8, 2014

Scandinavian living room, muted colors

rustic wooden table, blooming branches

styling, details.


basic bracket shelving system in living room

marble, wood, fig tree

moody and dark colors in a bedroom


This apartment styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Pia Ulin has a perfect moody color palette and I’m in love with the furniture and details used to decorate this home. I have written before about using simple bracket shelves in living room and here is another great example how a basic shelving usually seen in wardrobes is combined with a rustic wooden table and beautiful chairs in a dining room.


Christmas inspiration | Advent candles

November 24, 2014

advent candles in mugs

simple christmas mood - little pine tree and candles

Kähler candle holders

By lassen Kubus for advent candles

advent candles


So this is it – my first Christmas themed post this year!

We are still one weekend away from the First Advent, but I think it’s the last time to start thinking about how to display the advent candles this year so here are some examples. As you see it’s not always necessary to do something very christmassy to get the feeling, sometimes it’s enough to use only a beautiful candleholder(s) for four candles and add a branch or some cones and this is it!


// photos 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 //

Styling love

November 20, 2014

Tanned leather sofa in Scandinavian style living room

Perfect colour palette and perfect mood in this living room styled by Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse, photographed by Sara Danielsson. Love how the tanned leather sofa and other warm brown details add coziness to the otherwise monochrome colour palette of black, white and greys. Adding some soft textiles and a simple bare branch in a big glass vase makes this place perfect to me!


// image from Stil Inspiration //


Two lovely apartments styled by Daniella Witte

November 11, 2014

Cozy Nordic living room by Daniela Witte

Cozy Nordic style living room by Daniela Witte

Kitchen and dining. Styled by Daniella Witte

Oversized pendant and round dining table

workspace, black and white and green. by Daniela Witte

cozy bedroom. by Daniela Witte

Nordic style living room

Cozy and light Scandinavian living room. Daniela Witte

workspace. Thonet chair. styled by Daniella Witte

leaning shelves. by Daniella

Scandinavian style apartment. by Daniella Witte

kitchen details


These two new Bonum apartments are styled and photographed by talented Daniella Witte, who’s own home I have shown you here and here. I think she really has a talent for creating cozy and inviting interiors – these two seem so lived-in despite being completely new spaces.


// photos from Daniella Witte, via The Design Chaser //

Airy and light-filled Scandinavian apartment

November 6, 2014

Scandinavian apartment with large windows

light filled Scandinavian living room

black and white

Scandinavian apartment with lots of daylight



Playtype poster, House Doctor bag


This light-filled two level apartment is definitely my favorite find of this week. High ceilings and large windows make the space look airy and bigger than it actually is (62 square meters). And should I say that I just love the calm and neutral color palette used to decorate this apartment or you already know it? :)


// photos from Stadshem //

My Instagram | October

November 3, 2014

@decordotsblog Instagram feed in October


Here are some of my favorite shots from my Instagram feed in October. We have already lived in November for some days now, but I think it’s not too late to officially say hello to new month!
And I want to apologize if you don’t find new posts here as often as you are used to – it’s just this time right now when I find a little bit hard to keep up with everything going on… :)


//photos from my Instagram feed //



Bedroom inspiration

October 28, 2014

Bedroom, Menu Yeh sidetable

Bedroom from Nettanatalias

Cozy and simple bedroom from Ale Besso

Bedroom details. From Ale Besso

Cozy Nordic bedroom from Nordic Leaves


Three gorgeous bedrooms that have caught my eye lately. The first one is from Nettanatalias blog –  I like the idea of using Menu Yeh Wall Table as a bedside table and the cozy feeling those dark bedroom textiles give that space. The second one is from gorgeous Ale Besso blog – simple and fresh, yet so cozy! I’m still so much into wrinkled linen bedding and this one here is no exception. In this bedroom Hay Bella coffee table is used as a bedside table and it fits in perfectly! The last one is from Nordic Leaves  – stunning mix of different textures and patterns, just love it! Again as with previous bedrooms, a little side table is used as a bedside table, this time it’s Mini 0 table from OX Denmarq with graphic black steel legs and marble top. Love it!

Do you have your favorite one?


// photos 1, 2 / 3, 4 / 5 //


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